Night Auditor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: February 12, 2021
Night Auditor Job Description

Some businesses such as hotels and motels stay operational during late hours.

Since they work throughout the night, there is often a set of employees working through the night so that guests can be appropriately managed.

Night auditors are hired to handle bookkeeping activities during night shifts.

They also work as front desk representatives at times since there isn’t much guest traffic during the nighttime; they can do both things without compromising the quality of their work.

Auditing guest ledgers to verify entries is the foremost duty of a night auditor.

A night auditor is expected to make sure that all receivables are in order and that any discrepancies are taken care of immediately.

They also perform some cash handling activities such as ensuring correct starting amounts at the beginning of each shift.

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Job Description for Night Auditor Resume


  • Post charges and taxes to guests accounts
  • Process credit card vouchers and transactions
  • Ensure that accounts receivables are followed up on
  • Transfer charges to master accounts and verify that all postings are accurate
  • Prepare cash, check and credit summaries
  • Handle ledger balances and petty cash entries
  • Collect payments at the time of check out
  • Make sure that all payment entries are posted to the hotel database
  • Ensure that cash and checks are prepared for subsequent deposit the following day
  • Close and balance guest accounts and make sure that any necessary corrections are made immediately
Customer Service
  • Greet guests and assist them through the check-in process
  • Engage guests in conversation to gauge special needs
  • Make reservations over the telephone and in-person
  • Handle cancellations and confirmations in sync with the hotel’s policies
  • Coordinate with departments within the hotel to ensure excellence in guest services
  • Listen to guests’ complaints and make sure that they are addressed properly
  • Operate the hotel switchboard and answer questions posed by callers
  • Ensure that proper information about hotel services is provided to callers
  • Transfer calls to appropriate recipients and takes and relay messages

Night Auditor Job Eligibility Criteria

To work as a night auditor, you have to possess a high school diploma at the very least.

You also need to have some knowledge of accounting principles and possess the ability to perform calculations.

Since night auditors also work in the reception area, they need to be pleasant and have the capability of providing exceptional customer services.

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