An objective on a parking attendant resume is a brief statement that targets professional goals and states what an applicant can do for the company.

When writing your objective statement, you must be specific about the Parking Attendant position. Even though an objective is an optional section of your resume, a well-crafted objective can grab attention and focus the key components of your resume.

Following are some sample objectives for parking attendant resume. You may select one to use in your resume.


Parking Attendant Resume Objective Examples

Entry Level

• Passionate individual looking for a Parking Attendant position with ABC Company utilizing strong customer service skills in addition to ability to drive different vehicles safely.

• A Parking Attendant position where strong customer service skills and exceptional driving record could be used productively.

• Seeking a position in which my interest in the parking lot maintenance will be fully utilized.

• To work for Marriott as a Parking Attendant bringing a track record of safe driving. Eager to provide best customer service to maximize efficiency of parking area.



• To obtain a position as a Parking Attendant bringing 8 years’ hands-on experience in monitoring and directing personal and commercial vehicle traffic on property to maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

• Seeking a position with a reputed hotel. Offers a proven track record of monitoring and maintaining safety, security, and cleanliness of parking areas. Demonstrated ability to take necessary actions in order to prevent vehicles from any safety hazards.

• A position as a Parking Attendant with a renowned resort where experience in parking management and customer service could improve efficiency and enhance profitability.

• Seeking a Parking Attendant position with ABC company. Eager to maximize parking lot efficiency using current California driver license, exceptional driving record and ability to drive manual and automatic vehicles.