Social Media Assistant Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 12, 2017

A resume is never complete without a skills section. Articulating skills in a resume is of great importance – they get you the job! However, skills cannot be carelessly written in any manner. When you are preparing a resume, you must make sure that you include several statements that outline your abilities as a good employee.

One of the worst mistakes that we often make when writing a skills statement is duplicating our work duties. Work responsibilities and skills are NOT the same thing. The former is what you do on any typical day at work. The latter is HOW you do it. Looking through your work responsibilities can give you a solid idea of what you are capable of doing though. When you look through them at length, you can gauge how much effort and which exact skill helped you though something.

Skills need to be outlined in a manner that says that you are THE BEST candidate to do the job. Making an impression with just a few skills statements is possible if what you write in them is something that the hiring manager is actively looking for. For example, if a hiring manager wants to hire someone with excellent communication skills, he would like to see a skills statement that says that you are one good communicator.

What follow are some examples of skills statements for a social media assistant position:

Sample Skills for Social Media Assistant Resume

• Demonstrated ability to generate, edit and publish daily content including original text, videos and images

• Highly effective in building and executing social media strategies through detailed research and audience identification

• Skilled in setting up and optimizing company pages to increase the company’s visibility

• Experienced in managing the company’s social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

• Competent in engaging in social media presence creation on both new and emerging platforms

• Qualified to optimize content following search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) directives

• Deep insight into creating engaging online content, aiming to market the company’s services and products

• Familiar with setting up pages, handling content curation of articles and writing blog posts based on editorial calendars

• Hands-on experience in maintaining momentum in inbound marketing campaigns and fostering enthusiasm for social media amongst sales and marketing teams

• First-hand experience in planning for scheduled postings based on key events throughout the year

• Proven record of effectively monitoring analytics and making recommendations for usage based on acquired feedback