Celebrity Personal Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 5, 2016

What is your modus operandi when preparing for a celebrity personal assistant interview?

Haven’t thought of it yet?

Let us help you. First things first – since you have applied for the job, you will have researched the company thoroughly. Leverage this information to prepare for the interview. Find out as much as you can about the company and its standing in the market and you can be sure to ace the interview.

For the rest, have a look at the following set of interview questions and answers.


Celebrity Personal Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

What does it feel to be walking with the stars on a daily basis?
When I began working as a celebrity personal assistant, I was in complete awe for the first few years. The glamour life was something I had only dreamt of and never thought would become a reality. As the years went by, awe turned into admiration for the celebrities who work hard over long hours to entertain the masses. While the work isn’t mundane, I am more acclimated to it and can think beyond the stardom part of it.

What makes you a good contender to work as a celebrity personal assistant?
Having provided personal assistance to great names like George Clooney, Kanye West and Tamara Ecclestone, I believe that I can work with all kinds of people, as all three had completely different natures. Also, due to the fact that I have worked in the industry for almost a decade now, I have strong contacts, which makes it easy for me to coordinate details of events and get things done generally. I believe that both my experience and exposure make me a great contender for the job.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were so disheartened by the attitude of a celebrity that you had to leave your job?
Celebrities are supposed to have attitudes – that is what makes them celebrities. And I am generally quite used to it and can handle adverse situations with tact and diplomacy. There was an incident – I will not name the celebrity – where I was physically assaulted by the celebrity to whom I was providing personal assistance. He was angry only because I forgot to have mayonnaise put in his sandwich. While I did not retaliate physically, I quit my job right then, as such a small mistake should not have warranted physical abuse.

If you were asked to do something illegal by a celebrity, what would you do?
I would have to refuse to do it. I have a solid reputation for being clean and I cannot compromise on that.

Are you okay with providing personal services such as ironing clothes or doing housekeeping duties for a celebrity figure?
Usually, celebrities have their own housekeeping staff. However on tours, I do iron and even wash their clothes if needed.

How do you feel about a celebrity’s confidential information, considering that he or she is a public figure?
While celebrities’ lives are all out there for everyone to see and comment on, I still believe that it is important to keep the information that they want the public not to know, confidential.