Lineman Apprentice Resume Sample

Updated on: June 25, 2021

A Lineman Apprentice resume is a dynamic document that changes with the passage of time as you acquire more skills, gain more experience or earn another degree. It can be used as a useful marketing tool if updated regularly.

In order to bring your Lineman Apprentice resume in line with modern resume trends, it is advisable to go through some new resume samples from time to time.

Many resume experts recommend maintaining one master resume which is adaptable and can be easily and quickly tailored whenever needed, to suit the vacancy you need to apply for.

Since most employers spend no more than a minute in making their preliminary decision, it is essential to optimize your resume and elevate its appeal by highlighting the most job-relevant strengths.

Lineman Apprentice Resume Example

Jordan Gilchrist
486 Havana Square, Omaha, NE 45683
(006) 250-6323
jordan . gilchrist @ email . com


A methodical and industrious individual with working knowledge of cable installation, fireproofing, distribution repairing, troubleshooting, installation, and maintenance of power systems. A dedicated team player who works well under minimum supervision.

• Electric Distribution
• Power Supply
• Appliances Troubleshooting
• Conductor Insulation
• Line Construction
• Power Outage Handling
• Cable Joint Fireproofing
• Hazard Identification
• Call Response
• Cable Installation
• Safety Protocols
• Color Coding


Lineman Apprentice
May 2020 – Present
• Identify and troubleshoot faults in electric power distribution systems.
• Follow blueprints for cable installation under the supervision of a lineman.
• Respond to emergency calls in a timely and appropriate manner.
• Climb poles to access and repair electricity generating equipment.
• Conduct preventive maintenance on the pre-laid underground and overhead wiring systems.
• Efficiently utilize protective equipment and adhere to the company’s workplace safety protocols.
• Identified and resolved safety hazards in line distributions.
• Assisted in line construction and cable laying.
• Fireproofed newly installed joints.
• Ensured proper insulation of all wires.
• Accompanied the lineman in emergency call response journeys.
• Assisted in the repair and maintenance of electrical wiring systems.
Key Accomplishments
• Reduced a client’s monthly power usage by 30% through identification and troubleshooting of current leakage in 3 joints.
• Laid down and installed a $1.2M power generation project as part of a team within a week’s deadline.
• Rectified a conduction error in an overhead generator saving the company from up to $70K in generator replacement cost.
• Identified a potentially hazardous fault in electric wiring and repaired the same making the distribution system completely safe.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

• Good physical stamina, ability to climb poles to access equipment
• Excellent numeracy skills, capable of making accurate voltage conversions and calculations
• Strong vision and knowhow of wire color coding and safety protocols

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