Automotive apprentices work under the supervision of lead automotive technician where they are supposed to learn the trade while providing assistance to them. Automotive apprentices perform routine maintenance on automobiles which may include oil changes and tire rotations. They use a variety of hand and automated tools to assist them and this is what the apprentices are supposed to learn.

Following is a cover letter sample for Automotive Apprentice Resume which will give you the basic idea how to build an effective job application for Automotive Apprentice. In fact, it will help you getting apprenticeship by bringing forth your qualities and aptitude in automobiles maintenance.


Automotive Apprentice Cover Letter Sample


3920 Deer Run Drive
Shelburn, VT 99033

February 2, 2015

Mr. Andy Woods
Manager Human Resources
Cannon Autos
1937 Marriner Road
Shelburn, VT 73892


Dear Mr. Woods:

I am writing to apply for Automotive Apprenticeship at the Cannon Autos. This work interests me to the extent of wanting to make this a vocation and my aptitude for this work dictates that I have to pursue a career in this.

With some hands-on experience in automobile maintenance and troubleshooting, I believe that I will become the most efficient member of your team. I have extensive knowledge of engine functioning, electrical systems, brakes, suspensions and alignments and can effectively provide technical assistance to a deep extent. Additionally, I am able to converse intelligently with customers when providing them information about technical diagnosis. Therefore, I can prove myself to be a valuable aide to you.

My resume is enclosed here and has information on the automotive projects that I have done as part of associate degree. I am available to start my apprenticeship immediately and will be available at (333) 333-3012 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jonathan Judge

Enc. Resume