Treasury Analyst Cover Letter Example

Updated on: March 11, 2021

Cover letters are an integral part of online and manual job applications today. Most advertised jobs for the Treasury Analyst position ask for a cover letter to accompany the resume and other necessary documents.

Composing a Treasury Analyst cover letter might be a challenging task for the majority of job seekers, but if you come up with a well-crafted cover letter, the efforts are worth it.

A cover letter accompanying a resume for the position of treasury analyst needs special considerations.

It should showcase your interest in the position and in the specific organization you are applying to. Above all, it needs to be tailored after a thorough read and re-read of the target job descriptions.

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Sample Cover Letter for Treasury Analyst Position

Daniel Martin
787 Upper Bridge Road, Pennsburg, PA 
(099) 444.6666
[email protected]

March 11, 2021

Mr. Gregory Smith
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
612 Community Road,
Pennsburg, PA 18077

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am pleased to introduce myself as a highly motivated, dedicated, and experienced treasury analyst well aware of ABC Company’s views and reflections on today’s finance industry.

Through my seven-plus years’ ample experience working in the US finance industry as a treasury analyst; I have mastered the qualities needed for cash flow management, financial forecast, risk management, and investment model development. For the last three years, while working with the World Duty-Free Group, I developed expertise in managing bulk inflows of cash, supervising all local and foreign exchange transactions of the company, and conducting periodic risk management of ongoing and upcoming investment plans. Moreover, I have a track record of strengthening the company by enhancing its revenues consistently.

During my four years of experience at the Z.G Associates, I mastered the fields of revenue recognition, cost-benefit analysis, budget management, and effectiveness of stock trading. A technology-savvy person, I am very comfortable with finance planning and management software like Excel Spreadsheets, Access, Quick book, ERP packages, and Quantrix, etc. I’m sure after going through my attached resume; you will find close similarities between your requirements and my qualifications.

I would highly appreciate a chance to meet with you to learn more about your company’s objectives regarding this position. I intend to make a follow-up call at your office after a few days. Meanwhile, if you have any queries or instructions, feel free to contact me at (099) 444.6666 or via email at [email protected].

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Daniel Martin

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