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Updated on: April 7, 2020
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One of the most important roles in an organization is that of an intelligence analyst.

And if you want to apply for this position, you must write a resume to offer information about your suitability.

In your intelligence analyst resume sample, make sure that you focus on your ability to investigate people and incidents.

Emphasizing your intellectual and inquisitive sides is important when writing a resume for this position.

Knowledge of law enforcement and related information needs to be highlighted in your intelligence analyst resume.

Also, focus on what you have to offer in terms of experience in identifying threats, and providing recommendations on fighting crime.

A resume sample for this position is what follows:

Intelligence Analyst Resume Example

Jerry Kristopher
58 Provincial Road, Johnson City, TN 64122
(000) 312-3978


Inquisitive, resourceful, and organized individual, with over 8 years of solid experience in business intelligence analysis. In-depth ability to gather, analyze, and collate information from a variety of sources. Specialized skills in studying nefarious activities, and providing recommendations to thwart them.

• Information Analysis
• Records Evaluation
• Risk Management
• Crime Prediction
• Intelligence Tools Use
• Profile Establishment
• Suspect Charting
• Surveillance Equipment Use
• Asset Studying
• Known Intelligence Validation

• Singlehandedly identified a massive organizational threat, as a result, saved company assets and records.
• Implemented a security system, hence, decreased security threats by 25%.
• Trained 60+ individuals in performing intelligence analysis and related work, as part of an ongoing development system.


Intelligence Analyst
Phillip Morris International, Johnson City, TN
• Gather and analyze intelligence data derived from different sources
• Study actions related to nefarious activities such as narcotics, money laundering, and terrorism
• Design and strategize intelligence information systems and databases
• Establish criminal profiles to assist in connecting criminal activities to suspects
• Evaluate communication records such as telephone calls and emails
• Use tools including aerial pictures and radar equipment
• Develop assessments of incidents and problems
• Create reports and documentation of each intelligence issue, and submit them timely
• Collate and validate intelligence, and evaluate the reliability of sources

Intelligence Officer
Ironclad Developments, Johnson City, TN

• Provided the optimum level of intelligence services pertaining to people and communities
• Administered sensitive data projects and ensured completion according to deadlines
• Designed and implemented various intelligence information collection systems
• Supervised intelligence programs in accordance with operational requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Intelligence Analysis
Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN – 2002

Intelligence Analyst Skills for Resume

It takes a lot of training and experience to eventually work as an intelligence analyst.

Therefore, the hiring manager will look deeply through skills statements (in your resume) to determine what you bring to the table. Hence, it is imperative for you to fill out the skills section with a lot of concentration.

Primarily, you should focus on your knowledge of determining the right sources to obtain information from.

Your skills in choosing correct information avenues and deriving intelligence information from them should be highlighted in the skills section of your resume.

Also, it is imperative to concentrate on your ability to determine external and internal threats and make recommendations to thwart them in time.

Since your resume’s skill section will be dedicated to your abilities only, chose skills statements that will do you justice.

Here are a few examples of intelligence analyst skills statements that you may gain ideas from:

Sample Skills for Intelligence Analyst Resume

• Track record of effectively determining the right avenues to gain intelligence data from
• Skilled in gathering intelligence information from various sources, and collating and analyzing them according to protocols
• Committed to identifying threats, and providing recommendations on fighting crimes
• Focused on developing strategic analysis in order to extract the right information from the provided data
• Adept at developing assessments by using the right information
• Excellent skills in predicting future problems such as gang activities, terrorism, and organized crime
• Effectively able to study activities related to narcotics, and other nefarious actions using intelligence data analysis
• Particularly effective in designing the right intelligence information systems to meet organizational needs
• Proficient in establishing criminal profiles to aid criminal activities connections with people
• Documented success in developing and submitting meaningful intelligence assessment, free of personal bias
• Special talent in building up intelligence pictures by identifying potential agents and targets
• Unmatched ability to use a wide array of analytic techniques to assess and interpret intelligence data
• First-hand experience in developing solid relationships with individuals and communities to determine their intelligence analysis needs
• Hands-on experience in liaising and collaborating with coworkers to gather information needed to piece incidents together
• Competent at delivering intelligence information in formal reports and presentations
• Proven record of efficiently maintaining files and records, ensuring both data integrity, and confidentiality
• Demonstrated expertise in updating current information to include new developments and discoveries
• Proven ability to calculate intelligence requirement estimates, and coordinate with personnel for efficient system deployment

Intelligence Analyst Resume Summary Examples

The first thing that a hiring manager will read when going through your intelligence analyst resume is the summary or objective statement. Needless to say, this is the most important part of your resume.

In your intelligence analyst resume summary, it is imperative to highlight your skills and abilities pertaining to gathering and collating intelligence information.

Also, your ability to predict criminal activities, and provide recommendations to them should be made part of your resume summary. In addition, you should focus on your previous experience in this capacity, so that the hiring manager knows that he will be reading an experienced individual’s resume.

To see how you can write your intelligence analyst resume summary, take a look at the following:

6 Summary Examples for Intelligence Analyst

1. Highly competent and diligent intelligence analyst, with over 6 years of experience in gathering and analyzing intelligence information from various sources. Good knowhow of studying nefarious activities including money laundering, gangs, and terrorism to determine the possible threats. Effectively able to establish criminal profiles to aid in connecting criminal actions with personnel.

2. Intelligence analyst, boasting 15+ years of experience in identifying organizational threats, and providing recommendations. Unmatched ability to develop core assessments by using different information means. Solid track record of effectively prepare comprehensive reports, presentations, and maps to determine criminal activities.

3. Self-motivated, responsible, and systematic intelligence analyst, with demonstrated expertise in technically analyzing intelligence data, derived from different sources. Adept at gathering and grouping data to ease evaluation and assessment procedures. Ability to compile criminal records, and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all acquired information.

4. Detail-oriented individual, with excellent skills in acquiring information, analyzing it, and developing meaningful intelligence assessments. Trained in recognizing relevant information, and producing objective evaluations, free of personal bias. Proficient in writing reports, and presenting oral briefings regarding collated and analyzed data.

5. Reliable, and perceptive individual, offering 10+ years of data gathering and analysis experiences. Well-versed in developing and submitting meaningful intelligence reports and assessments. Focused on working in a deadline-oriented manner, with emphasis on solid reporting and feedback.

6. Intelligence analyst, with exceptional exposure to analyzing intelligence data, and providing correlating judgments. Proven ability to recommend strategies to identify and combat internal and external threats. Excellent ability to create solid networks to ensure the obtainment of usable intelligence information.

Intelligence Analyst Objectives Examples

Writing an intelligence analyst resume objective will require you to focus on your analytic methodologies, and economic analysis skills primarily. Crime and counter-narcotics analysis may also be part of your job, which is why your resume objective should highlight your skills in these areas as well.

One main thing that you should keep in mind when applying for an intelligence analyst position is that you will be working in a highly sensitive role. Hence, you must tell the hiring manager that you are someone who can take this responsibility.

It is important to realize that your intelligence analyst resume objective should project you as a better candidate than the rest of the candidate pool.

Here are some examples to help you:

6 Sample Objectives for Intelligence Analyst Resume

1. Desire an Intelligence Analyst position at Lockdown Technologies. Offering expertise in collecting and examining information from a wide array of sources. Specialized skills in building up intelligence pictures, and identifying potential agents and targets.

2. Highly experienced Intelligence Analyst seeking a position at Royal Technologies, providing the benefit of a solid track record in using various analytic techniques to assess and interpret intelligence data. Unmatched ability to liaise and collaborate with individuals in order to gather further information to piece together whole pictures.

3. Seeking an Intelligence Analyst position at Phillip Morris International. Documented success in analyzing information, providing judgments, and making recommendations to support decision-makers. Highly proficient in developing strategies to combat threats, preparing intelligence reports, and maintaining files and records.

4. To work as an Intelligence Analyst for Ubisoft. Eager to apply specialization in technically analyzing intelligence data sought on criminal activities. Able to gather and group information orally, and in writing. Deeply familiar with performing target and problem profiling tasks.

5. Intelligence Analyst with a solid background in observing threat levels, and gain and collate information, in order to provide feedback for security purposes. Currently looking for a position at L3 Harris.

6. To obtain a position as an Intelligence Analyst at Trak Global Solutions. In-depth knowledge of predicting organized crime through information gathering, collating, and analysis.

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