Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Updated on November 13, 2018

Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst Cover Letter HeaderCover letters written for an entry-level cyber security analyst position must be interesting to read.

Since you do not have experience in hand, therefore, it is important to highlight your skills and academic background. Also, your knowledge of cyber-crime should be made obvious.

For a cybersecurity analyst position, it is important to write what your capabilities are particularly.

Additionally, highlighting knowledge of executing and maintaining SOPs is important.

At the entry level, a cybersecurity analyst can focus on skills acquired through internships.

Furthermore, the cover letter can hold information on how well an applicant can develop and maintain forensic capability.

Even though experience is not a benefit here, it is possible to convince a recruiter to hire you based on your skills.

To see how you can write a cover letter for an entry level cyber security analyst position, have a look at the following sample:

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Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst Cover Letter Sample


November 13, 2018

Mr.Preston Cole
Human Resource Manager
Prager Metis Technology
652 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 58624


Dear Mr. Cole:

I am interested in the cyber security analyst position that you have advertised on the Prager Metis Technology website. As a recent computer science graduate with a major in cybersecurity as well as lots of energy, I am positive that I am the right person to hire.

As can be seen on the attached resume, I possess the ability to gain a thorough understanding of customers’ business modules, such as goals, objectives, and work processes. Furthermore, I can provide quality input and documentation reviews in compliance with program requirements.

Owing to my inherent ability to judge cyber issues before they convert into crises situations, I will be very beneficial to your company. Seeing that Prager Metis Technology is in search of a meticulous individual who is also insightful, I will be a perfect choice.

Equally important to mention, I represented my university twice at the World Wide Web Security Expo. However, this is not the only achievement that I possess. If you go through my resume, you will discover that I can develop specialized program oversight plans.

In the hope that a meeting between us will be mutually beneficial, I will call you soon to set up an interview time. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 012-2012.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Roman Zargo

Enc: (Resume)

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