Cover letter writing seems like quite a difficult task. But once you get the hold of it, it becomes easy. Follow the following format write a perfect data analyst cover letter to submit along with your resume!

Introductory paragraph: In the opening paragraph you should mention what you offer to the organization in terms of qualifications and key potentials. Be creative in this paragraph in order to grab the employer’s much wanted attention.

Middle paragraph: In the middle paragraph you have to mention about your past work experience and your knowledge about using different technologies that can benefit the hiring organization.

Ending paragraph: In the end show your interest in their company and schedule an appointment with the employer. Close the letter with your name and signatures.

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Data analyst Cover Letter Sample 1


Laura Olsen

4th Richard Street • Kentucky, KY 66677 • (007) 444-6666 • laura @ email . com

November 25, 2014

Ms. Paula Henry
HR Manager
Wholesale Manufacturers Inc.
5th Gregory Street
Kentucky, KY 66677


Dear Ms. Henry:

As an experienced data analyst, I offer Wholesale Manufacturers exceptional skills in mathematics and algorithms. I can ensure collection and analysis of complex data while ensuring data integrity. Upgrading database system to meet the needs of the market, analysis of information using recorded data and formation of graphs for presentation are some of my core competencies.

My qualifications include:

• Well-versed in collection and analysis of data using various statistical programs.
• Proven success in formation of bar graphs, line graphs and comparison graph showing company performance and comparison of sales with other organizations.
• Adept at using various multipurpose data analysis software.
• Record of compiling impressive data presentation of exploration, profits and risks.

I am very much enthusiastic in applying at the Wholesale Manufacturers Inc. because of its growing services and repute in the business community. I am sure your organization can achieve other milestones by using my expertise in data analysis. Please give me a buzz if you are interested in my credentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,

Laura Olsen

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Data Analyst Cover Letter Sample


12 Lille Some Road
Newark, DE 21333

November 25, 2014

Ms. Stephanie Fisher
Senior Manager HR
4 Brittany Way
Newark, DE 55562


Dear Ms. Fisher:

I am very interested in submitting my application for the position of Data Analyst because I posses all the qualities and experience you mentioned in the job description. As an individual with hands-on experience in data analysis and strong problem solving skills, I am confident that I would make a successful addition to your team of professionals.

Working for Accelerated Technology Inc. for over six productive years as a Data Analyst, I have acquired considerable experience in designing, developing and maintaining dashboards and reports providing actionable business intelligence related to the company’s products and services. I have had considerable experience identifying trends, usage patterns and growth patterns that have high impact on business decisions. Working with products and engineering teams, I can successfully design and implement strategies by processing available data. My aptitude for working in this genre of work has instilled in me characteristics that I utilize to answer analytic questions aimed at me.

I am confident that I am the perfect candidate for this job and will be happy to answer any questions regarding my qualifications. I will follow up on this letter with a phone call next week. Please feel free to contact me on 222-333-4444 if you would like to speak to me. Thank you for your time.



Charles Harrier

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