Behavior Analyst Resume Sample

Updated on: November 3, 2019

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Behavior Analyst Resume Sample


Jessica Parker
89 Monomoy Road, Nantucket, MA 02847
(000) 234-3232
[email protected]


Proven relationship builder with unsurpassed interpersonal skills.

10+ years’ experience in measuring specific influences of environment and formulating effective treatment plans. Excellent communicator with a great ability to handle adverse and potentially harmful situations, brought about by behavioral problems.

• Functional knowledge of mental health issues, such as ADHD and autism and developmental disabilities.
• Expertise in developing correlating treatment and rehabilitation programs to assist patients in overcoming limitations.
• Adept at implementing core behavioral management programs, targeted at the mental and physical and mental well-being of each individual.
• Able to analyze a variety of cases of violent crime to provide precedents for perpetrators’ motives.

– Patient profiling
– Aberrant behavior
– Crime investigation
– ADHD and autism
– Communication
– Observation
– Behavior programs
– Care reviews
– Psychological profiling
– EAP (Early Autism Project)
– Behavior assessment

• Achieved 100% success rate in integrating 15 students with ADHD into regular school programs following 3 months’ rigorous counseling sessions.
• Successfully placed an offender in jail by assisting local investigative authorities in creating detailed psychological profiles.
• Trained 32 staff members to work as SNAs (special needs assistants) at 5 different branches of the New Horizon for Us.
• Introduced The Child Within, a program designed to psychologically analyze children to determine histories of abuse.


Behavior Analyst
Benchmark Human Services, Nantucket, MA | 7/2015-Present

• Interview patients regarding their present, past and future aspirations in a bid to understand their motivations
• Take notes to refer to during the assessment period
• Measure specific influences such as environment and family life to determine the cause of behavioral problems
• Create psychological profiles for each patient to determine the extent of behavior problems
• Devise and implement programs to address behavior problems
• Act as part of a coordinated care team to provide oral medication to patients
• Monitor patients’ progress and note down any significant changes for better or worse
• Assist patients with chemical dependency issues to come to terms with their addiction through counseling services
• Provide one-on-one to patients with criminal backgrounds
• Assist crime investigations by creating psychological profiles of criminals to determine motive and mode of operation

Behavior Coach
Early Autism Project, Nantucket, MA | 1/2009-7/2015

• Engaged children in conversation to determine the extent and type of autism
• Indulged in activities to ensure children’s comfort and to win their confidence
• Gauged need for intervention and developed core individualized plans for each child
• Handled skills assessment activities and one-on-one instructions
• Monitored students to gauge the response to implemented programs
• Completed progress reports on each child and provided feedback to parents

Massachusetts State University, Nantucket, MA, 2008
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Board Certified Behavior Analyst – BACB