22 Air Hostess Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 24, 2019

An air hostess’s interview focuses on the applicant’s ability to handle passenger-related duties onboard an aircraft.

During the interview, the applicant should be able to respond in a professional manner, outlining skills such as passenger services, emergency response, and conducting pre and post-flight checks.

Here are some interview questions and answers that you might encounter when appearing for an air hostess interview:

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Air Hostess Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I have been working as an air hostess for 3 years now, and have extensive passenger service experience. My goal is to ensure passenger safety and wellbeing at all times. I chose to work as an air hostess because I feel that this is a great avenue to work in a service-oriented role while traveling the world.

2. Did you read the job description of this position before you applied for it? If yes, do you think you fit the profile?

I went through the job description thoroughly before I decided that this work was right down my alley. Yes, I feel that I am the right person to be hired as my experience is exactly as outlined in the requirements, and my skill set is also spot on with your needs.

3. Why do you wish to work as an air hostess?

As I mentioned earlier, I had wanted to work in a service-oriented position. This coupled with my interest in working for airlines resulted in me focusing on a career as an air hostess.

4. Tell me about your experience in this role?

I have worked on both international and local flights over the years. My experience includes attending to passenger safety and comfort, assistance with onboarding and deplaning, and conducting pre and post-flight checks. In addition, I am experienced in educating passengers about safety precautions during flights, and ensuring that emergency tools and equipment is available and in working condition. Also, my work includes checking tickets, assisting passengers in finding seats, and serving refreshments.

5. Tell me about your greatest achievement.

My greatest achievement by far is the time when I recognized a threatening situation involving a passenger and informed the ground crew immediately. Before the plane could take off, the offending passenger was off-boarded, and it was discovered that he had somehow smuggled a sharp object inside the aircraft.

6. Tell me about your strengths.

I am a pleasant individual, who can effectively reach out to people in a positive way. I am also a great conversationalist, which makes it easy for me to provide them with information, and respond to their queries. Also, I have a keen eye for trouble, which means that I can easily recognize issues and problems, and resolve them promptly.

7. Tell me about your weaknesses.

I can be a bit impatient when it comes to flight delays. However, I am working on this to ensure that I am more patient in adverse situations.

8. What reasons can you outline to apply to our organization?

I have been following the success of your company for many years. The airline’s rules and policies are excellent, which encouraged me to offer my services. Also, I see that the work culture is conducive to my nature, and I will be able to fit in quite well.

9. What are two of the most important skills of an air hostess?

Air hostesses need to be exceptionally customer service-oriented, as they are in constant contact with passengers through sometimes very long flights. Another skill that an air hostess must possess is patience as one often has to go through situations that test one’s patience.

10. According to you, what risks are there in this job? How do you intend to overcome them?

Working thousands of miles up in the air may not be comfortable for many, but for me, it is a dream job. I realize that risks such as mid-air emergencies and terror attacks are there while working as an air hostess. However, I do my best to ensure safety through pre-flight checks. The rest, I leave it to Providence and ensure that if an emergency does transpire, I am ready for it.

11. How do you think high-risk jobs are maintained for long periods of time?

I believe that if one is good at what one does, and is patient and focused, job maintenance is not an issue. Enjoying what you do is most important.

12. Do you have a special protocol that you follow to serve VIP passengers?

Well, business and first-class passengers require a different set of services than economy ones, especially where food and beverages are concerned. However, I handle all passenger services with the same amount of respect.

13. How do you deal with criticism?

I take criticism quite positively. I feel that if someone is criticizing my work, it bears a looking into. And I do my best to respond positively.

14. What have you learned from your previous mistakes?

I have learned that one needs to be positive at all times. It is very easy to feel negative when an adverse situation transpires, but that does not lead us anywhere productive.

15. What is the most recent thing you learned which will help you gain this job?

I recently took up a course that is designed to teach air hostesses to handle mid-air emergencies in a proper way. I believe that this training confirms my place in this job, as not many people are trained in this area. I will definitely bring value to this position.

16. What would be your action in case of an emergency?

Depending on the type of emergency it is, I would follow the protocol to ensure that it is handled in a way that ensures passenger and aircraft safety at all times.

17. How would you describe your job to an individual who does not think that this position is worth much?

As long as I love my work, I believe that there is really no need to convince anyone how good it is.

18. According to you, what are the most important aspects of this job?

I feel that patience and compassion are important aspects of this job. Communication and presentation are also vital to the success of this work.

19. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to handle a dispute between two passengers? How did you handle it?

One often comes across situations such as these. 300 people on board one plane is a surefire recipe for trouble. There was a time when an adult passenger was fighting with a child in a bid to bag the window seat which was clearly not his. The child began crying as he was traveling alone. I had to intervene but even when I politely explained to the passenger why he couldn’t have the window seat, he was still adamant. I had no choice but to move him to the back of the plane – to an aisle seat – and explain to him that behavior of this sort might end up in the authorities stepping in when we landed.

20. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of working as an air hostess?

Getting to see the world and meeting new people every day is a wonderful experience. It is difficult staying away from home for so long at a time though.

21. Why did you decide to leave your previous job?

I felt saturated, as I had learned as much as there was to learn in that work. And since I work best when I am looking forward to learning, I felt that it was time to move on.

22. What are your 5-year plans?

I am working hard to attain the designation of a crew leader in the coming years.