A cover letter for Behavioral Aide position creates a connection between you and the employer; your first impression as a candidate is really dependent on the cover letter that accompanies your resume.

Cover letter for the position of a behavioral aide should introduce the candidate to the recruiter as a person having full command on the subject. Mention some of your qualifications and strengths in the cover letter while talking about your past experiences in general. Make sure you emphasize the skills that are most closely related to what has been asked in the job description.



Behavioral Aide Cover Letter Sample


Maria Hubert

583 Franklin St, Bloomfield, NJ 10210
(001) 333.444, maria @ email . com

March 1, 2014

Ms. Christina Zen
Senior Administrator
ACE Academy
78 Park Lane, 4th Avenue
Bloom field, NJ 01789


Dear Ms. Zen:

I am interested in the position of behavioral aide at ACE academy for two reasons; primarily because ACE Academy’s good name in the field of innovative behavioral interventions has always intrigued me and secondarily because my qualifications and skills are an exact match to your job descriptions.

During my work as a behavioral intern with ABC School, I first recognized the satisfaction that comes from assisting someone who is behaviorally challenged. My inborn compassion deepened my interest in the field and gradually I polished my skills of behavioral management, therapeutic interaction, crisis intervention and action planning for recurrent behaviors. I am also well-versed in record keeping, devising and implementing behavioral plans and coordinating with other staff members regarding the progress of students.

At the ABC School, I was responsible for adapting the classroom activities for the students with special needs so that they could also participate equally. I enjoyed this task the most, perhaps because it gave me an opportunity to combine my creativity with the behavioral intervention skills I have acquired.

Given an opportunity to join your team, I’d bring a problem solving attitude with a strong dedication to the wellbeing of children. I will call at your office later this week to set up an interview date. Meanwhile, I’ll be happy to answer any queries on my cell phone at (001) 973 333.4444.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



Maria Hubert

Encl. Resume