Academic Advisor Resume Objectives

Updated on: April 3, 2019

Your resume for an academic advisor position may be perfect, but if the resume objective isn’t, you have a problem.

In order to ensure that you get the right traffic to your resume, you have to write a solid resume objective. In fact, your objective should be solid enough to make a great impression on every individual who reads it.


As an academic advisor, it is important that you write your skills and abilities in your resume objective. These would include knowledge of academic programs and majors, and how well a student can work with them.

Also, your resume objective should highlight your ability to interview students, and determine their limitations and strengths. All this information will serve to tell the hiring manager that you are the best and the only choice to be hired.



To ensure that your resume objective for an academic advisor position is perfect from all angles, make sure that it is short but informative.

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Long resume objectives are not looked at with much interest.


Academic Advisor Resume Objectives

• To work as an Academic Advisor at the University of Tampa. Offers exceptional student screening skills, as well as knowledge of connecting students to resources. Demonstrated expertise in aiding course selection processes, in order to ensure progress towards student goals.

• Desire a position as an Academic Advisor at UNC Charlotte. Bringing well-placed skills in identifying students’ strengths and limitations, and providing them with the right information and advice. Highly successful in placing students in appropriate programs, and helping them select the right majors.

• Seeking a position as an Academic Advisor at Monmouth University, providing the benefit of skills in determining student eligibility for courses and programs. Competent in initiating and maintaining individual student files, and ensuring delivery of resources to all students.

• Looking for an Academic Advisor position at Post University. Eager to apply proficiencies in helping student define and develop realistic educational career plans. Experienced in monitoring progress towards educational and career goals, as well as reinforcing linkages between instructional programs and occupations.

• Highly organized, resourceful, and industrious individual, with 6+ years of a solid track record as an Academic Advisor. Presently seeking a position at the University of New Mexico, by offering exceptional skills in advising students about content and structure of programs, auditing and monitoring student academic progress, and assisting in the development of educational plans.


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