Office Assistant Skills Summary for Resume

Updated on December 17, 2016

Summaries on resumes are like cherries on cakes! They look pretty and they serve an important purpose. Most summaries are basic outlines of one’s abilities to do the job properly. A skills summary is a little more profound. Usually, the formula of writing a skills summary is based on how many jobs you have done in the past, and what your skills were in those jobs. Of course, you do not have to list all your skills against each job, since you have little time, but this information helps you in creating a list of your best skills.

How would you proceed writing a skills summary? Once you have outlined all your capabilities, it is your job to place them in a summary form – content that flows. This is not too difficult. 4 or 5 lines of outlining your skills and qualifications are sufficient. Pick up keywords from the list that you have created. And make sure that they all relate to the job description that has been provided to you in the advertisement that you are replying to. Simple? Yes! Extremely so! Read and reread so that any mistakes in spellings, grammar, information or syntax are identified and eradicated. Proceed to finishing the resume! Here are some examples:

Sample Skills Summaries for Office Assistant Resume

• Competent, highly organized and focused Office Assistant with over 8 years track record of success in administrative and clerical arena. Pleasant, patient and approachable, with deep insight into operating office equipment and handling correspondence and coordination work.

• Office assistant, with exceptional exposure to responding to inquiries from clients and coworkers according to set policies. Highly ambitious and results-oriented individual with a great focus on effectively handling operations and clerical work within a busy business environment.

• Exceptionally talented office assistant with demonstrated experience in creating and maintaining staff schedules, handling complex POS systems, handling event planning activities, and managing internal and external communication channels.

• Results-oriented and committed Office assistant with documented success in creating and maintaining filing and record management systems, mail and correspondence and data entry work. Deep familiarity with handling customer service work, and a great penchant for providing support to marketing and sales efforts.

• Industrious, organized, methodical and resourceful individual, boasting of working as an office assistant in a busy office environment, for more than 10 years. Versatile, self-motivated and detail-oriented person, with exceptional skills in performing data entry work and handling mail and correspondence.

• Officer assistant with demonstrated expertise in utilizing electronic filing systems, managing incoming and outgoing mail, operating and maintaining office equipment, and performing listing and data entry work.