Lease Administrator Resume Sample

Updated: July 15, 2018

A lease administrator is an individual who provides consistency, quality, efficiency, and accuracy in terms of lease documentation and handling, for both residential and commercial properties.

A person working in this position may work in either commercial or residential capacities – and sometimes, in both.

The work is technical in the sense that one needs to possess the knowledge of property dealing, especially as it related to leasing.

You are what you present in a resume. And to make sure that what you present in one is positive, go through the following resume sample to take ideas:


Lease Administrator Resume Example



Kyle Mason
72 Tree Tee Road, Miami, FL27384
(000) 999-9999


Exceptionally talented individual with over seven years of experience of working in a lease administration capacity. Well-versed in interpreting orders and accurately placing them in lease databases, for reference, and record purposes.

• Reorganized the lease database, making it 65% more efficient to use than before.
• Successfully reconciled lease entries against processed payments, resulting in the increased integrity of the information.
• Singlehandedly managed collection procedures for 10 tenants in one day, ensuring that the process was expedited for an audit.
• Introduced the concept of creating and maintaining critical reports, making it easier for managers to determine defaulted leases.


• Database Handling • Lease Admin Processes • Payments Coordination
• Review and Reconciliation • Collection • Sales Transmission
• Lease Management • Correspondence • Research
• Process Facilitation • Confirmation • Critical Reports Creation


Lease Administrator
Regency Centers, Miami, FL                                         2013-present
• Review periodic rental agreements on assigned locations, and make required adjustments.
• Process paperwork for new vendor setup, and address changes, and vendor changes.
• Assist managers with lease audits, and budgeting, and provide support in handling rent processes.
• Generate clear and presentable lease agreements, according to the specifics of each case.
• Review incoming documentation for accuracy, and outline any issues that may transpire.
• Fund transactions within provided metric timelines, and ensure that proper communication is maintained with different departments.
• Enter all abstracted lease data into the database, and ensure that its integrity is maintained.
• Perform peer to peer quality control review on abstracted lease data, ensuring that it is within provided metrics.

Lease Administrator
GMA Inc., Miami, FL                                 2011-2013
• Assisted in drafting and reviewing various types of transactional lease agreements.
• Provided support in reviewing and marking up redline responses to counter offers.
• Facilitated and tracked routing and signature of various documents and lease forms.
• Ensured that all information was punched into the system, in a correct manner.
• Handled filing, faxing, and scanning of lease documents, for execution and distribution purposes.

Florida State University, Miami, FL
Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Lease Administrator

Lease Administrator


Typically, a bachelor’s degree in law or a related field is required to work as a lease administrator. Apart from formal education, it is important to possess the ability to handle the legal aspect of this work, so that you can effectively check and correct lease agreements, or provide advice to maintain their integrity.

Moreover, you need to be good at handling customer services work, as you will often need to work with clients, explaining leasing terms and conditions to them.

Also, you must be proficient with technology, especially databases that you will be working with to handle lease administration work.

As a lease administrator, it is also important that you understand and respect the need for meeting deadlines, and accurately handling your work. If you possess all the capabilities outlined here, you may go through the list of duties particular to this position:


• Review the assigned lease documents and abstract critical terms, conditions, and provisions.
• Set up lease administration processes and guidelines, ensuring that lease databases are properly maintained.
• Manage and monitor all dates and deadlines, such as contingency deadlines, lease commencements, and expiration dates.
• Verify financial obligations of leases, and reconcile all rent, common area expenses, and tax charges.
• Process lease administration database changes, aiming to ensure accurate reporting
• Coordinate and process periodic rent payments, and landlord billings, ensuring that all compliance methods are followed.
• Review and reconcile landlord rent accounts on a regular basis, and handle the collection of third-party sublease rents.
• Create and maintain effective relationships with third-party vendors, to ensure that utility payments are properly processed.
• Generate and transmit monthly sales reports, and correlating percentage rent payments.
• Punch in all information regarding leases and payments into the assigned database system.
• Prepare and distribute critical date reports, and maintain systems for tracking essential dates.
• Calculate and apply CPI and RPIadjustments, according to provided timelines.
• Facilitate implementation of lease administration processes, according to specified company protocols.
• Create and manage paperwork and electronic entries, about lease cases.