Administrator Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: August 5, 2018

Working in many industries, administrators may be expected to perform basic and skilled administrative and clerical tasks. Managing routine functions including filing and inventory and assisting in making a company’ policies along with implementing standard procedures are all part of an administrator’s job.

A candidate wanting to apply for a position as an administrator may need to write a cover letter focusing on the major skills and experiences required by the employer. You should give relevant examples of how you meet the requirements provided by the employer in the advertisement.

In a cover letter for Administrator Resume, write something about the prospective company and why you are interested in working for them. Show your enthusiasm towards administrative work while keeping your letter short and to the point.

Refer to the administrator cover letter examples below to get a better idea.


Administrator Cover Letter Sample 1


Oliver Chase

348 Unison Ave • Doraville, GA 54002 • (005) 333-2222 • oliver . chase @ email . com

August 5, 2018

Mr. Daniel Grayson
HR Manager
Valley Crest
688 Indigo Blvd
Doraville, GA 32022


Dear Mr. Grayson:

Your recent advertisement for an Office Administrator position demands the skills and expertise I have developed through my education and experiences.

The core strengths I am eager to bring to Valley Crest:

• Track record of setting up new systems, coordinating meetings, and record keeping.
• Expert in establishing administrative procedures to ensure that the business needs of the company are met.
• Excellent team player with proven ability to communicate effectively at all levels of management.
• Proficient in buying office supplies and keeping inventories up to date.

Characterized by my previous employers and coworkers as organized, flexible, decisive and intuitive, I believe in my ability to manage operations smoothly in a team-oriented environment. My detailed resume is enclosed for your review and consideration.

I am available at your convenience for an interview and will follow up through a phone call next week to confirm your interest in my candidacy. Meanwhile, I would be glad to answer any queries you may have regarding my experience and qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.




Oliver Chase

(000) 524-9687


Administrator Cover Letter Sample 2


89 Loudon Avenue NW
Roanoke, VA 90122

August 5, 2018

Ms. Amber Clifton
Manager HR
Sava Senior Care
7 Panacella Drive
Roanoke, VA 32332


Dear Ms. Clifton:

My 3 years of administrative experience along with effective team building, time management and supervisory skills are just a perfect match to an Administrator position at Sava Senior Care.

Keeping in mind that working in a healthcare setting comes with its own stress levels, I have developed a keen sense of analyzing and solving problematic areas effectively. During the time I have spent with AA Healthcare, I have had the opportunity to set up complex systems to ensure harmony between the facility’s staff and work procedures. My ability to respond to emergency situations around the clock has been commended many times as I ensure that all emergency staff and equipment are coordinated at all times. Since I have an innate ability to perform all administrative tasks in harmony and with a touch of professionalism, there have never been any significant administrative issues during my reign.

My resume is enclosed with this letter and will provide you with detailed information regarding my leadership skills and administrative experience. I will call you in a few days to follow-up on my application and will be available at (000) 133-1341 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Best regards,


John Curtis

Attachment. Resume