Cost Accountant Cover Letter Example

Updated on: March 23, 2021

cover letter for cost accountant position serves as a sample of your analytical thinking in addition to being an integral part of the screening process.

It must be written and proofread with great care. Any mistake in your cover letter would only reflect carelessness which might be fatal.

This page contains some general guidelines helpful in effective cover letter writing, followed by a cost accountant cover letter example.

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for Cost Accountant Position?
  1. Address your cover letter to a specific person if possible; this results in achieving the better impact of personalization.
  2. Keep your cover letter factual; avoid flowery language to save the employer’s valuable time and thus creating a better impression.
  3. Support your extravagant claims by stating some relevant accomplishments; instead of mentioning competencies without any supporting evidence.

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Sample Cover Letter for Cost Accountant Position

Christopher Mathew
6599 Leviton Ave, Atlanta, GA 43877
(000) 325-5897
[email protected]

March 23, 2021

Mr. Daniel Franklin
HR In Charge
BOM Group of Companies
5411 New Street
Atlanta, GA 43877

Dear Mr. Franklin:

I am responding to your advertisement for the Cost Accountant position at BOM Group of Companies. Working as a cost accountant for 7+ years with different companies, I have earned a reputation for conducting strategic financial planning and forecast for global corporations. My ability to recognize and utilize cost reduction opportunities and skills in leading productive monetary asset audits have always been my strengths in this profession. 

I offer BOM the following strengths in the capacity of a cost accountant:

✓ Cost variance monitoring and strategic financial reviewing
✓ WIP and Fixed assets monitoring
✓ Monthly accounts reconciliation and closing protocols
✓ Financial forecasting of the purchase price
✓ Internal inventory control
✓ Knowledge of fiscal policies and GAAP
✓ Data entry and dataset productions
✓ CIDS Information processing

In addition to the skills mentioned above, I possess a track record of consistently enhancing turnovers through effective utilization of cost control strategies and fostering productive business relations. My unparalleled skills in monitoring production inventories and budget management could come in very handy considering the current production state of BOM.

Your time spent reviewing my attached resume is much appreciated and will pay off in terms of guaranteed enhanced accounting productivity following my hiring. I will follow up next week to answer any queries you may have regarding my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Christopher Mathew

Encl. Resume

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