A cover letter for receptionist position is a brief introduction to your resume and your interest in working with a specific employer. In your covering letter, you should emphasize why you want to work for the prospective company and what could you bring in terms of skills, experience and knowledge. A successful letter holds the reader’s interest and persuades them to look at the enclosed/attached resume and invite you for an interview. In fact, your cover letter for receptionist resume is a foremost symbol of your attention to detail which is a prerequisite for a reception job.

Quick Tips

➜ Include your contact details at the top of letter: name, address, email, and contact number
➜ Address your letter to the hiring manager by mentioning his/her name
➜ Make a one page’s clear and concise document with ample margins
➜ Use a plain font with font size 10-12
➜ Proofread thrice for spelling or grammatical mistakes

Receptionist Cover Letter Format and Content

First Paragraph:

• State why you are writing, and interest in receptionist position and prospective organization
• Demonstrate your three to four key traits relevant to receptionist position
• Show you have done extensive research on the values of prospective organization; tell why you want to work for that company

Second / Third Paragraph(s):

• Actively sell your clerical, front desk and reception qualities and tell the reader why they should choose you
• Entry level candidates and career changers emphasize on their transferable skills and core competencies using bullet statements
• Use authoritative action verbs and sentences to describe your skills, abilities and expertise
• Emphasize on your abilities and experience of working in a dynamic environment with a real passion to provide excellent customer service
• Draw attention to key information of your resume – do not duplicate the information given in your resume
• Relate your skills, interests and experience to the exact requirements of the organization
• Encourage the reader to take a closer look at your resume

Closing Paragraph:

• Reinstate your interest in the receptionist position and the prospective organization
• Proactively ask employer to invite you in an interview
• Give your contact details and information about follow-up method
• Thanks the employer for their consideration

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Receptionist Cover Letter Sample 1


Elizabeth Jones
92 Example Street
San Diego, CA 60783
(100) 001-0001
elizabeth @ email . com

August 9, 2015

Mr. John Smith
Hospital Administrator
Apria Healthcare
325 Some South Street
San Diego, CA 65217


Dear Mr. Smith:

If you are seeking a receptionist who can do more than just handling the front desk, then we have a solid reason to meet. With my track record of providing exemplary customer service and demonstrated ability to perform secretarial tasks, I can exceed your expectations and become a key member of Apria Healthcare.

Per your requirements stated in your job description, you are looking for a professional who possess exceptional customer service, telephone handling and computer expertise. I am very skilled in performing all kinds of reception tasks such as; greeting visitors, providing them with relevant information and relaying and resolving telephone and walk-in inquiries. Moreover, I am well versed in performing data entry tasks, scheduling calendar and meetings, making journey arrangements for executives, managing forms and maintaining office records. My exceptional skills in MS Office applications and PABX management will be a great asset to Apria Healthcare. Besides reception work, I am also able to carry out general housekeeping duties. The enclosed resume contains comprehensive details about my qualifications and skills fit to this position.

I am excited about putting my capabilities for the growth of Apria Healthcare and would welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss this in detail. I will contact your office by phone next week to inquire about whether you need additional information regarding my credentials. In the interim, I can be reached on my cell phone at (100) 001-0001.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you in the near future.



Elizabeth Jones
Enc. Resume


Receptionist Cover Letter Sample 2


Alexandra Kevin

340 Some Lane • Green Field, WI 53221 • (008) 333-2222 • alexandra @ email . com

August 9, 2015

Mr. Jake Stuart
HR Manager
Intermountain Healthcare
604 Jaguar Ave
Green Field, WI 53221


Dear Mr. Stuart:

Customer Service, Communication, Problem-Solving – These are some of the many traits I’d like to bring to Intermountain Healthcare in the capacity of a receptionist. I am confident that my relevant education accompanied by 5+ years of front desk experience would enable me to work efficiently and exceed your expectations.

Through my diverse experiences, I have polished my skills in front desk management, correspondence handling and appointment setting. Some of my professional strengths include:

• Expert in managing calenders and scheduling appointments
• Demonstrated skills in transferring incoming calls to the required person/department and guiding callers accordingly
• Well versed in handling bill generation and payment processing tasks
• Track record of handling electronic database systems effectively while adhering to applicable client privacy and confidentiality laws

My attached resume further highlights my professional qualifications and achievements. I’d appreciate the opportunity to meet in order to discuss my abilities in more detail. To make an appointment, I will call you next Thursday. If you wish to communicate in the interim, my digits are (008) 333-2222.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to talking with you soon.


Sincere regards,

Alexandra Kevin

Attachment: Resume