Child care providers are being employed in numerous settings; child care centers, preschools, public schools, nurseries, private homes and the like. Their major goals include helping improve each child’s growth and caring for children when parents are at employment or tending to other obligations.

Child care providers offer the children, under their care, with activities that support bodily, emotional, academic and communal growth. They are accountable for aiding children in discovering interests, increasing talents, building confidence and learning how to correctly work independently and together with others. They need to give individual concentration to each child within a group.

Child Care Provider Job Description for Resume

• Dress and groom children, and change diapers
• Organize toys and materials to ensure an arranged and tidy activity area
• Sterilize bottles and prepare formulas
• Prepare meals and snacks for children
• Help eating meals and guide concerning habits of eating
• Facilitate children with homework and school work
• Teach children to use computers
• Engage kids in different rhymes at youtube for their mental development
• Teach children in health and personal hygiene, resting, and proper toileting
• Read to toddlers and teach them easy painting, drawing, handicrafts, and songs
• Organize and take part in leisure activities, games and television
• Provide counseling or treatment to emotionally disturbed or offending children
• Go together with children to and from school, on outings, and to medical appointments
• Oversee children into baths or pools
• Promote children’s emotional and communal development, encouraging understanding of others and self-actualization
• Wash toys and play equipment
• Motivate children to change clothing by theirself and pick-up toys and books after activity
• Discover signs of emotional or developmental troubles in children and communicate the same to parents
• Carry out housekeeping duties for example laundry, errands, cleaning, dishwashing, and changing of linens
• Keep records of every child, including day by day observations and information regarding activities, meals served, and medicine administered