Bar Waiter Cover Letter Sample

Updated June 16, 2016

Good document design and reader-centered approach are both imperative to bar waiter cover letter writing. Showing how you will help the organization to grow and improve its operations is what will make you a good choice to be hired. Do not put in general information as that will just make things difficult for you – specify what you are good at and make sure that the reader knows it too.

Do you find this difficult to do? It isn’t if you know how to bring this information together. The reason that a cover letter is divided into portions is to accommodate information of different types. This includes how you heard about the position, what you offer in terms of qualifications and how proactive you are. When you fit all these in your cover letter, you help your case along by providing the reader with what he wants to read.

It is important to know something about the company so that you can clearly emphasize how you intend to contribute to it. When you provide specific examples in a cover letter, your chances of winning the race to employment double. Here is how you can do this in a bar waiter cover letter:


Bar Waiter Cover Letter Sample


325 Pine Street #43
Walnutport, PA 85412

June 16, 2016

Mr. Vin Rocher
Hiring Manager
Tropicana Resorts
963 Aspen Road
Walnutport, PA 88700


Dear Mr. Rocher:

My experience as a bar waiter at Westgate Cruise has prepared me well to work at a position of great commitment in a hospitality environment. As a committed bar waiter, I am well-aware of all details regarding cocktails, premium brand beverages – a feat that I am positive will come in handy if I work for Tropicana Resorts.

With an exceptional ability to suggest drinks to guests by applying upselling techniques, I have managed to increase the revenue of the bar at Westgate Cruise by a staggering, 55% within the first 3 months of being hired. Also, I have been commended several times on my ability to take orders accurately and deliver them to guests in a time-efficient manner, earning praise not just from supervisors but bar patrons as well. During a particularly difficult time when the bartender fell ill due to an onboard illness, I was given the responsibility of managing the bar on my own, providing me with an opportunity to show off my cocktail mixing skills.

Need further insight into my abilities? Let’s meet! I will call to arrange a convenient time and date. Until then, please do not hesitate to contact me at (000) 222-1421 if you have any questions that require immediate answering.



Harry Henderson

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