Endoscopy Tech Resume Sample

Updated on: August 10, 2018

An endoscopy tech typically assists with endoscopic procedures, under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse. The primary job of a person working in this position is to ensure that quality care is provided to patients before, during, and after the endoscopic procedure.

Preparing patients for endoscopic procedures, and transporting them between their rooms and assigned surgical units will be all in a day’s work for you. Operating endoscopic machines, and making sure that they are maintained properly will also be part of your work. At this position, you will be assisting doctors in performing endoscopic procedures, and ensuring that patients are properly monitored during and after each procedure. Performing safety checks on endoscopic equipment, and resolving malfunctions will also be part of your work. Moreover, you will be expected to maintain inventories of supplies and equipment pertaining to endoscopy procedures.

The work is complicated in the sense that one needs to work with machines and equipment, and the responsibility of assigned patients is one’s shoulders.

When effort is made on a resume, it shows. And when it isn’t, the consequence is a lost interview. Do not let that happen. Go through the following resume sample to see how you can word and format yours:


Endoscopy Tech Resume Example


Kieran Robb
83 Yeti Road, Wildwood, NJ77634
(000) 999-9999


9+ years of experience in setting up, calibrating, and operating complex endoscopic machines. Highly skilled in assisting registered nurses and physicians in handling endoscopic procedures, while maintaining patient wellbeing. Proven ability to set up endoscopic rooms in accordance with physician’s specific instructions. Effectively able to handle specimens according to protocol, ensuring that their integrity is not compromised.

• Decreased the chances of specimen integrity being compromised, by implementing a safe handling process.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance of equipment, reducing instances of breakdowns by 80%
• Wrote a booklet on basic and advanced endoscopic procedures, as part of the patient education program.
• Devised a novel records management program, which was considered 50% more efficient to use than the one already being used.


Equipment Setup Restocking Calibration
Procedure Assistance Patient Monitoring Patient Preparation
Records Management Preventative Maintenance Disinfection Procedures
Documentation Post-op Bay Handling Specimen Handling


Endoscopic Tech
Mountain View Hospital, Wildwood, NJ | 2013-present
• Set up and calibrate endoscopic equipment and machines according to specified instructions.
• Properly place instruments to be used during the procedure on tables and dollies.
• Greet patients and respond to any queries or concerns that they may have regarding the endoscopic procedure.
• Assist patients in preparing for endoscopic procedures by helping them into gowns, and safely putting away their clothes.
• Operate endoscopic equipment upon the specific instructions of doctors and registered nurses.
• Monitor patients throughout the procedure, and inform physicians of any distress situations.
• Create and maintain logs of endoscopic procedures performed in a day, in the facility system.
• Ensure that work areas are kept clean, maintained, and sanitized at all times.

Endoscopic Tech
Gwinnet Medical Center, Wildwood, NJ | 2009-2013
• Assisted in setting up procedure rooms, by following set instructions of physicians.
• Provided support to patients in getting on and off procedure tables, and ensured their safety throughout the process.
• Ensured that all required instruments were made available, and were washed and sanitized after each procedure.
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on endoscopic machines and equipment.
• Cleaned and sanitized work areas on a consistent basis, and informed supervisors of any issues about these areas.

Wildwood Medical School, Wildwood, NJ – 2007
Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine




Endoscopy Tech Qualifications

To work as an endoscopic tech, you have to possess a degree in surgical technology, and some experience in this regard as well. You will start out as a trainee, and work your way up to the position of an endoscopy technician as and when you build the expertise for this work.

Endoscopy Tech Job Description

• Set up endoscopic procedure room in accordance with the doctor’s instructions and preferences.
• Greet patients and family members, and provide them with information on what to expect during the endoscopic procedure.
• Assist the registered nurse in checking patients’ vitals, and record all obtained information in logs.
• Provide support to physicians and registered nurses by operating endoscopic machines, and obtaining specimens.
• Ensure that all acquired samples are appropriately handled and stored, according to the hospital or facility protocol.
• Assist patients by accompanying them to their rooms, or in waiting rooms while the specimens are processed.
• Create and maintain files of each patient activities related to endoscopy, and ensure that they are stored confidentially.
• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on endoscopic equipment, and identify needs for repair.
• Create and maintain the inventory of supplies and equipment required for endoscopic procedures, ensuring that any low stock situations are handled appropriately.
• Oversee the cleanliness, maintenance, neatness, and sanitization of the procedure room, following facility standards.