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Respiratory Therapist Job Description and Duties for Resume

Respiratory Therapist Job Description Respiratory therapists are hired by hospitals and other medical facilities where they are responsible for administering medication to patients and hooking them up on ventilators to help them breathe easier. They are trained professionals who possess an associate’s degree from an accredited respiratory therapy program. The work of a respiratory therapist… Read More »

Beauty Therapist Job Description and Duties for Resume

Beauty Therapist Job Description A perfect day at the spa is usually courtesy of a beauty therapist. Beauty therapists work in spas and salons where they are entrusted with a variety of personal care work. As a beauty therapist, you will be administering beauty treatments to your clients depending on what their specific needs are. Working… Read More »

Occupational Therapy Assistant Job Description for Resume

Occupational Therapy Assistant Job Description Occupational therapy assistants provide occupational therapists with support in carrying out therapy and treatment sessions. They educate patients about therapy procedures in a bid to help them understand what they must expect and also encourage patients before and during treatment procedures. Not everyone can work as an occupational therapy assistant.… Read More »

ABA Therapist Job Description and Duties

ABA Therapist Job Description With autism on the rise worldwide and many other behavioral problems are prevalent, the need for professionals to handle these issues is on the rise too. Applied behavioral analysis therapists work with people who have mental and social disabilities. They assess each patient’s individual needs and formulate plans to deal with… Read More »