Regulatory Compliance Specialist Resume Sample

Updated September 10, 2018

A regulatory compliance specialist makes sure that the company that he or she is representing complies with all established federal and state regulations.

This could be for any department, and in any aspect. The main work of a regulatory compliance specialist is to create, develop, implement, and monitor the quality assurance and regulatory compliance strategies for his or her company.

The following is a professional sample resume for a regulatory compliance specialist job.



Regulatory Compliance Specialist Resume Example



Maxwell Fuller
74 Midcity Road, Apex, NC 66734
(000) 999-9999


Top-performing regulatory compliance specialist with 11+ years’ hands-on experience in providing companies with specialized services for handling their regulatory compliance issues. Able to communicate regulatory requirements through effective written and verbal communication. Documented success in creating, developing, and implementing core regulatory compliance strategies for each department. Works cross-functionally to communicate regulatory testing requirement and monitor completion.


✓ Regulatory Testing ✓ Communications ✓ Outreach
✓ Compliance Monitoring ✓ Data Analysis ✓ Protocol Development
✓ Evaluation and Processing ✓ Intake Procedures ✓ Records Management
✓ Quality Management ✓ Resource Development ✓ Change Management

✓ Proved to be instrumental in getting the company’s compliance regulations in order, during a time when it was at its worst compliance stage.
✓ Implemented a series of quality management systems, which proved to be 50% more efficient than the ones already in place.
✓ Successfully implemented ten outreach programs, resulting in increased awareness about the importance of compliance amongst department heads.
✓ Introduced a novel data analysis system, which increased the efficiency of collecting and collating information required for regulatory compliance.


Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Paycom, Apex, NC         2013-present
• Confer with department heads to understand their products and services, and to determine required regulatory compliance.
• Create, develop, and implement core regulatory compliance systems to meet federal and state requirements.
• Provide support and analysis on regulatory and legislative issues related to products and services.
• Monitor regulatory compliance initiatives to ensure that they are being run on the right track.
• Provide support for information and outreach activities to different departments.
• Offer technical and administrative support for the day to day operations of the company.
• Oversee the implementation of compliance metrics, and ensure that they are updated on time.
• Create and maintain a database of records regarding compliance work, and keep abreast of compliance updates.

Compliance Officer
Boswell Co., Apex, NC              2007-2013
• Promoted and monitored compliance with both state and federal regulations, on a departmental level.
• Implemented objectives, policies, and ruled about regional plans and bylaws.
• Provided advice, and reported on pollution, resource use, and waste management activities.
• Reviewed and prepared the company to comply with the rules and regulations set by the government.
• Ensured that all compliance documents and records were properly stored and updated.

Bachelor of Business Administration
North Carolina State University, Apex, NC – 2005