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Updated on: December 23, 2022
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It is important for a peer support specialist to create a resume that truly highlights his or her skills and competencies in this role.

In order for a hiring manager to take you seriously, you must create a Peer Support Specialist resume in accordance with the job description provided by the recruiter.

Here is a resume sample for this position which you can refer to when writing your own:

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Peer Support Specialist Resume Sample

Richard Regan
72 Key Road, Dothan, AL40012
(000) 999-9999


Highly experienced peer support specialist with 8+ years of solid track record in helping assigned patients reach their recovery goals. Demonstrated ability to assist patients in recovering from addiction, mental health limitations, and abuse incidents.

• Implemented a series of unique peer support programs; as a result, decreased problems associated with program development and implementation.
• Successfully rehabilitated 42 individuals suffering from drug abuse, and emotional health disorders.
• Introduced the concept of self-directed recovery, hence, decreasing recovery time by 65%.
• Devised a needs assessment system, thereby, reducing problems associated with individualized program development by 50%.

• Patient Support • Needs Assessment
• Logistics Coordination • Resource Identification
• Personal Goal Setting • Recovery Plans Development
• Session Facilitation


Peer Support Specialist
Goodwill Center, Dothan, AL
• Engage clients in conversation in order to determine their personalities.
• Check clients’ case files to figure out issues such as drug abuse, or emotional or mental problems.
• Work with individuals on a one-on-one basis, providing them with the required support.
• Assist clients in articulating personal goals, and reaching them as quickly as possible.
• Offer support in setting up and sustaining self-help groups, as well as locating and joining existing groups.
• Tell stories regarding emotional and mental issues, in order to help clients obtain real-time help.
• Support clients’ vocational choices, and assist them in obtaining the right resources.

Peer Support Assistant
UAB Medicine, Dothan, AL
• Assisted clients by providing them with emotional and physical support.
• Ensured clients’ safety and well-being through constant monitoring.
• Created and maintained meaningful and trusted relationships with clients.
• Assisted in the identification of resources for each assigned client.
• Created and maintained records of client interventions.

High School Diploma
Dothan High School, Dothan, AL – 2011

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