Peer Support Specialist Resume Summary (5+ Examples)

Updated on: March 22, 2020
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A peer support specialist’s resume summary should reflect the individual’s knowledge of providing support services to different programs.

The ability to assist clients in articulating personal recovery goals should be highlighted in your resume summary.

Also, your knowledge of observing processes, and providing modifications to them should be emphasized, so that the hiring manager can judge your skills and abilities by taking a quick look at your resume.

As a peer support specialist, your ability to provide individualized, ongoing guidance and support should be emphasized in your resume.

In addition, your ability to assist in developing formal and informal community support systems should be mentioned in your resume summary.

Since the resume summary needs to be comprehensive, you must make sure that it holds information about your peer support skills, without sounding too self-absorbed.

You can take ideas from the following examples of peer support specialist summaries to write your own:

1. Peer support specialist, eager to work for a service-oriented organization, by applying skills in advocating on behalf of clients with behavioral problems in order to protect their rights. Hands-on experience in offering encouragement in times of crisis. Able to provide high-quality recovery education to service recipients in every phase of their journey.

2. Experienced peer support specialist, with over 5 years of a solid track record of supporting others in recovery from substance use disorders, and emotional challenges. Demonstrated ability to assist recovering patients to identify their personal interests, and goals regarding recovery. Expert in promoting self-advocacy by assisting patients to have their voices fully heard by authorities.

3. Highly determined peer support specialist with excellent knowledge of assisting clients in articulating personal recovery goals through the use of one on one and group sessions. Competent in utilizing tools such as wellness recovery action plans, to assist clients n creating their own wellness and recovery plans. Able to teach utilize and teach problem-solving techniques to groups and individuals.

4. Compassionate individual, with 10+ years of experience in a peer support capacity. Well-versed in collaborating with treatment teams about clients’ strengths, and accomplishments in relation to their recovery goals. Exceptional ability to assess emergency situations, and ensure communication with appropriate personnel about actual and potential issues.

5. Top-performing peer support specialist with 8+ years of successful track record. Proficient in modeling personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and hopefulness by narrating own recovery story, and demonstrating self-belief. Deeply familiar with teaching clients how to combat and deal with negative thoughts, and overcome fears.

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