Loan Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: March 19, 2018

The resume writing process is a simple one. But it is long.

You have to spend a lot of time to gather information and sort it out so that you can place it in a friendly format.

Here is one to help you:




Loan Specialist Resume Example



John Hill
1773 Heaven Road, Keene, NH 17763
(000) 352-5241
[email protected]


Highly qualified loan specialist, with 13 years of experience in heading a team of loan officers. Exceptionally talented in handling loan requests, in sync with company policies and regulations. Deep familiarity with performing quality audits on loan files, and addressing areas of non-compliance. Competent in working with risk management teams to assist in the development of loan policies and procedures.


– Auditing – Background Checks – Eligibility Determination
– Process Assessment – Compliance Facilitation – Referrals Handling
– Follow-up – Lead Generation – Networking
– Lending Processes – Underwriting – Client Education

• Saved the company from a huge financial loss, by uncovering a fraud loan application through well-placed background checking.
• Successfully converted all 12 corporate leads into business generating clients, through effective follow-up activities.
• Singlehandedly managed to collect outstanding loans of over $20,000, within 3 months.
• Reduced the number of delinquent accounts by 50%, by performing exceptional oversight of loan officers, handling follow-up activities.


Loan Specialist
The Mortgage House, Keene, NH | 2011 – Present
• Verify the completeness and accuracy of all loan files, through effective oversight.
• Assist loan officers in researching and resolving lending inquiries and issues.
• Oversee the establishment of loan files, both manually and electronically, and order exhibits.
• Perform background checks on clients or prospective clients who have applied for loans.
• Compile background check documentation, and provide feedback to presiding loan officers.
• Pass loans, after ensuring that all paperwork is in order, and that no issues are evident.
• Disburse loans, and obtain credit and financial information, as required by the system.
• Oversee loan officers to ensure that proper follow-up on delinquent accounts is performed.

Loan Officer
Bank of America, Keene, NH | 2005 – 2011
• Interviewed clients to determine their specific loan requirements, and abilities to pay back.
• Determined clients’ eligibility to acquire loans, and ensured that any issues or problems are highlighted.
• Assisted clients in completing manual loan applications, and ensured that all required documents were enclosed.
• Performed background checks to ensure clients’ eligibility, and ensured that credit information was secured.
• Followed up on delinquent accounts, ensuring that defaulted loans were paid back.

Keene College, Keene, NH – 2004
Associate of Science in FInance