Individual Support Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 12, 2017

There are many ways of impressing a hiring manager through a Individual Support Specialist cover letter, and you should know all of them.

One such trick is to provide solid information regarding your skills and abilities.

Believe it or not, hiring managers love the fact that a prospective employee is already skilled, and they will need to spend little or no time training him or her. This works well for them because they get to save both time and money.

A cover letter should be a complete document, which highlights exactly what makes you a great contender to work at a position. If you are unable to manage this, you are at the losing end. Typically, cover letters are short but profound accounts of what an individual’s capabilities are. If these can be put on paper in a proper manner, there is a great chance that the applicant will be given an interview opportunity.


Individual Support Specialist Cover Letter Example



November 11, 2017

Mr. Ray Harris
Human Resource Manager
Hope Community Resources Inc.
221 Grand Road
Eagle River, AK 89101


Dear Mr. Harris:

Mild nature, passion for helping others in distress, and an inherent interest in providing one on one support to individuals with physical and emotional disabilities is what brought me to the profession of an individual support specialist. It took 4 years of volunteering to work in a similar capacity, before I managed to learn the ropes, and eventually station myself as an individual support specialist. Now, I would like to provide Hope Community Resources Inc. with the benefit of my experience and expertise in this regard.

Over the past 7 years, I have been diligently providing personal services to my clients, making their lives brighter, and keeping their integrity intact. Not even one of my clients has stated that my services are anything but state of the art. This is due to the amazing bond I manage to create with my clients, aiming to ensure their comfort and wellbeing constantly.

Owing to the fact that I am well-versed in implementing support services exactly as they have been outlined in care plans, I have often been the person to hire for complex cases. My strong points also include effective coordination of services, and a great ability to communicate and follow through with other members of the team to ensure constant and consistent delivery of exceptional services.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’d like to meet with you in person and will call you next week to set up a possible time for an interview. In the interim, please contact me at (000) 201-5214 if you need any additional information.



Martha White
Attachment: resume