Economic Development Specialist Skills for Resume

Updated: June 19, 2018

Your resume is like an easel. You can paint yourself as the best person from the lot, to show hiring managers how well you will fit into their organizations.

The best part of the resume – or so most hiring managers believe – is the skills section, which highlights your abilities and competencies in a way that no other part can. Doing justice to this part is essential, as you will be highly judged on what you write in the skills section of your resume.

One of the best things about the skills section is that it provides you with an excellent opportunity to shine in front of a hiring manager who doesn’t know you from Adam.

If you are successful in telling a hiring manager that you are the best person that he can get to fill a position, you have nabbed the job! However, doing this is not all that easy. You need to make an effort.

Sometimes, filling out the skills section leaves you scratching your head, but you have to make the effort of coming out on top and appearing to be the only one who can do justice to the job.

The following skills statements for the position of an economic development specialist will help you write your own:

Sample Skills for Economic Development Specialist Resume

• Highly skilled in analyzing, compiling, and reporting economic data to explain the phenomena, and forecast marketing trends.

• Exceptionally talented in conducting insightful research on economic issues and disseminating findings through technical reports.

• Well-versed in creating, and developing relationships with city managers or economic development departments, and working as the sole point of contact.

• Demonstrated expertise in coordinating with managers to within assigned regions to target local businesses and complete operational analysis.

• Proven ability to assist in the promotion and marketing of assigned economic development programs.

• Solid track record of effectively tracking projects to ensure that they are running on assigned timelines and reach fruition within the provided deadline.

• Competent in evaluating economic, statistical, and demographic data to analyze best means to attract and retain businesses, and industries, within assigned areas.

• Qualified to identify and recruit likely business prospects and respond to new business inquiries.

• In-depth comprehension of promoting retention and expansion of business and industry, within the city, and developing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with existing businesses.

• Effectively able to promote the creation of job opportunities and private capital investments, and improvements within assigned regions.