Contract Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 15, 2018


An effective cover letter for a Contract Specialist resume tells an employer why you should be considered, and persuades hiring managers to look at your resume.

It needs to reflect your relevant expertise and demonstrate how your qualifications and experience are a strong fit to the job.

The following cover letter sample will help you apply for a Contract Specialist job.


Contract Specialist Cover Letter Example


4028 Pineapple Drive
Bluffton, SC 80200

September 15, 2018

Mr. Gary John
Manager HR
Mc Kean Group
7499 Twin Tree Drive
Bluffton, SC 78900


Dear Mr. John:

As a passionate Contract Specialist who thrives in a challenging environment, I am enthusiastic to work for Mc Kean Group.

With a working knowledge of contract law, business communications systems, technology, and process negotiation, I can manage and administer all kinds of contracts and agreements. Moreover, I possess effective negotiating and decision-making abilities, with the core capability of identifying, assessing and resolving contract disputes and issues. As required, I am familiar with a variety of products and services offered by Mc Kean Group which will help me negotiate contracts successfully. Besides, my proficiency in computers and knowledge of P/L, breakeven, and ROI makes my application stronger than others.

As a passionate leader, I believe in constant process improvement activities and strive hard to manage analysis in a manner that best fit changing priorities and needs of the organization. Putting this on the table along with my resume, which has more information on my ability to contribute immediately, I look forward to meeting with you in person. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Best regards,

Robert Reginald