Scheduling coordinators work by coordinating executives’ time management so that they do not have any issues in performing their own work duties. This may include scheduling patients (as they work mostly in doctors’ offices) and managing information for them.

Let us have a look at what employers expect from a candidate in Scheduling Coordinator Cover Letter in terms of knowledge, skills and qualifications.


Scheduling Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

1299 Royal Estates Drive
Las Vegas, NV 77633

December 6, 2012

Mr. Kenneth Cole
Manager HR
The Practice
7765 Green Ash Road
Las Vegas, NV 55433

Re: Scheduling Coordinator (Position ID 30120)

Dear Mr. Cole:

This letter is in response to the advertisement for the position of a Scheduling Coordinator at The Practice, which you have placed in the Daily ClassAds. As a keen, enthusiastic and proactive individual with great clerical and time management skills, I am confident that I have much to add to your organization.

As you will see in my enclosed resume, I am well versed with the scheduling work that is required at The Practice. I am familiar with handling task books and scheduling calendars as I comprehend that no medical facility can run properly without proper management of scheduling services. Additionally, I am competent in handling calls for general information with positive etiquette that is the essence of personal services in any industry. Moreover, my well honed organizational skills and the ability to perform all duties with professionalism has been commended by my supervisors many times.

With my administrative and coordinating expertise, I am a well-suited candidate for this position and will like to meet you in order to discuss this Scheduling Coordinator position in detail. I will call your office at the end of the next week in order to ask for a meeting date and will be available at (400) 492-4444 if you need to contact me during the mean time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Amanda West

Enc. Resume