Mom Returning To Work Resume Objective | 8 Examples

Updated on: May 17, 2020
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Having stayed at home for some time, moms are usually quite apprehensive in writing resumes – especially objective statements.

This is because the resume objective marks the beginning of the document, and can make the wrong impression if not written properly.

However, you do not have to worry if you know what skill set you have and can use it to your advantage.

Depending on which position you were holding before you decided to be a stay at home mom, make a list of skills that you possess.

Also, factor in the skills that a hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. This might include obvious ones such as communication and interpersonal abilities, and organizational skills, or more specific ones like marketing and outreach abilities.

In the mom returning to work resume objective, focus on your ability to handle the work that the hiring manager has outlined in the job description. Here are some examples of objectives that moms returning to work can write in their resumes:

Mom Returning To Work Resume Objective Examples

1. Looking for a position as a Marketing Officer at Tucson Industries. Leveraging skills in handling customer outreach programs while creating and implementing marketing strategies in sync with the company’s goals. An inborn multitasker with great communication skills.

2. Seeking an Administrative Assistance position at Center Point Energy. Offer knowledge of handling and maintaining confidential information, records, and reports. Demonstrated ability to support annual budget processes, including data entry.

3. Career-focused mom of three, eager to return to work in the role of a Clerk. Familiar with preparing, verifying, and documenting items such as invoices, expense accounts, and purchase cards.

4. To work as an Administrative Clerk for Core Civics. Eager to apply proficiencies in producing finished documents efficiently using word processing and spreadsheet programs.

5. Energetic Receptionist returning to work after a career break. Exceptional knowledge of overseeing incoming and outgoing emails in accordance with applicable rules and procedures. Unmatched ability to effectively communicate with visitors, and respond to verbal and written inquiries and requests.

6. Results-oriented Teacher with 10+ years of experience returning to work. Expert in developing and implementing core elementary school curriculum. Presently looking for a position at Winchester Public School. Well-versed in imparting education based on preset lesson plans, with special focus on ensuring students’ educational and emotional growth.

7. Talented, resourceful, and organized individual, currently looking for a Researcher position with Eastern Kentucky University. Offering excellent skills in uncovering resources to develop well-researched reports. Adept at analyzing documents in order to identify unreported trends, details, and stories.

8. To obtain a Waitress position with American Cruise Lines. Bringing expertise in providing excellent customer service in the foodservice and hospitality field. Able to take accurate orders while following up with kitchen staff to ensure timely delivery of orders.

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