Adjunct Professor Cover Letter with No Experience

Updated on: April 16, 2022

Writing a cover letter for an adjunct professor who does not have the experience, needs a little extra as far as the writing style is concerned.

Where a cover letter that reeks of skills derived from years of experience will pique an employer’s interest, one that does not have experience might be sidelined.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen, your cover letter should be written in a way that shines even if the lack of experience is evident.

Despite lack of experience, an adjunct professor can write a good cover letter to accompany his resume.

Your cover letter should be able to make the reader sit up and take notice even if the experience is not something you can bank on.

If your training and education in a particular field of academics are good, you will have no trouble writing a strong cover letter to help your case.

As an entry-level adjunct professor, you have much on your side – updated information regarding your subject matter and a crisp view of the world can make you go places.

Universities will hire you because you have just graduated and probably possess a fresh understanding of concepts. The way you word your cover letter is what matters.

Without using flowery language, if you can get your point across, you have it made.

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The sample cover letter below is written for an adjunct professor who has no experience. Take a look!

Adjunct Professor Cover Letter With No Experience

Mason Perry
(555) 555-5555

April 16, 2022

Johnathan Swift
Roger Williams University
45 Willow Street
Yakima, WA 61783

Dear Mr. Swift:

While browsing through the careers section on the Website of Roger Williams University, I came across a vacant position for an adjunct professor of English. I have recently obtained a Master’s Degree in the English Language from Washington State University and would now like to work for an academically acclaimed organization like Roger Williams University.

As I read the job description, I became more convinced that I am well-suited for this position. Some key strengths you may find relevant include:

• Well versed in developing syllabus materials
• Demonstrated ability to coordinate courseware and curriculum with seniors
• Special talent for maintaining discipline during instructional activities
• Hands-on experience in evaluating student performance
• Adept at managing the disruptive behavior of students and enforcing discipline
• Competent at assessing the progress and performance of the students

Having recently graduated, I have current knowledge of the curriculum that is presently being followed by the State of Washington. While I was studying for my degree, I enrolled in a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) course at James Language Institute, and I am now a certified TESL teacher. I understand that Roger Williams University caters to a huge number of students from diverse backgrounds and I believe that my training in TESL will be of great use here.

Please refer to the enclosed resume for further details of my education, skills, and part-time commissions. I will contact you in a week to inquire about a possible meeting opportunity. If you need to call me, I am available at (555) 555-5555.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Mason Perry

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