Mushroom Picker Resume with No Experience

Updated on: February 20, 2023

Mushroom pickers are responsible for harvesting, picking, and grading mushrooms for culinary or medicinal uses. They are also responsible for grading and packaging the product as per specifications.

If you are planning to apply for this position, you need to equip yourself with a well-written resume.

These tips can prove to be very helpful in composing a great resume for a mushroom picker position especially if you don’t have any relevant experience.

  1. Focus on your relevant skills and knowledge, as well as physical stamina and passion to work for the employer.
  2. Divide your resume into sections like objective, skills, education, and internship experience (if any).
  3. Highlight your additional strengths, any relevant hobby, and knowledge of an additional language.

Here is a mushroom picker resume sample for you if you have no experience in hand:

Entry Level Mushroom Picker Resume with No Experience

Henry Fielding
Phoenix, AZ
(000) 208-6321
henry .fielding @ email . com


Highly dexterous and passionate individual with strong physical stamina and knowledge of mushroom sorting, grading, and packaging. Eager to work for [Company Name] where my skills will be fully utilized. Proficient in using handheld and power tools related to harvesting and packaging.

• Well-versed in soil aeration and mixing fertilizers before sowing.
• Knowledge of various varieties of edible mushrooms and their storage protocols.
• Strong eye-hand coordination and physical stamina.
• Proficient in cleaning and storing farm produce according to its variety and specifications.
• Understanding of pesticides and herbicides.


Farm Hand
The Creek Farm, Phoenix, AZ
Dec 2022 – Feb 2023
• Assisted in sowing and irrigation of crops.
• Maintained animal pens and fed the animals.
• Irrigated the crops and gauged their growth.
• Harvested, graded, and packaged the produce.
• Cleaned all farm tools and stored them securely at day end.

Wildlife Helper
New Hope, Phoenix, AZ
Sep 2022 – Dec 2022
• Assist in feeding and medicating the rescued animals.
• Clean out the animals’ living spaces and disinfested them.
• Carry out first-aid and wound dressing for sick or injured animals.
• Assist in walking, grooming, and cleaning the animals in the shelter.

High School Diploma
Greendale, Phoenix, AZ

• First-aid Certification
• Current Driver’s License

• English
• Spanish

• Gardening
• Cooking
• Reading

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