Cameraman Cover Letter Sample

Candidates often find cover letter writing a difficult task, however in reality, it is quite simple. All you need to do is to sell your valuable skills.

Here are some tips that will come in handy as you prepare to write your cameraman cover letter:

• Address the employer’s needs; communicate the value you’ll bring
• Be enthusiastic; no employer consider a candidate who sounds disinterested and flat
• Be unique in order to sand out; but not too unique
• Highlight your core competencies objectively
• Make sure the skills you mention are in tune with the job requirements

Here is a cameraman cover letter to serve as sample.


Cameraman Cover Letter Sample


George Felix

2201 Enclave Apt ● Washington, DC 45992 ● (008) 666-5555 ● george @ email . com

27th June, 2014

Ms. Tracy Blake
HR Manager
655 Fluff Sq
Washington, DC 45992


Dear Ms. Blake

“When you are a videographer you work all the time because your eye is the first camera”  – Patrick Demarchelier

The eye I offer is a well trained and experienced one!

I am very excited about your open cameraman position and wish to apply for the same with enclosed resume. Possessing hands-on experience in handling camera, tools and technical video shooting equipment, I believe my skills could br very handy at DTV headquarters.

Following are some of the strengths I bring:

• Expert in shooting and recording live and rehearsed transmissions
• Demonstrated ability to edit and transfer videos for submission timely
• Functional knowledge of lighting requirements and hue balancing for indoor and outdoor shootings
• Proficient in Adobe premiere editing system
• Skilled in assembling and setting up equipment before shooting
• Strong working knowledge of HD video camera operations and functional maintenance
• In depth knowledge of production and direction protocols with ample understanding of field specific key technical terms

Being a cameraman I believe in the saying ‘seeing is believing’ which is why I have included a few links in my resume to some of my works. I can’t wait to join DTV and start contributing high quality camera shooting skills to the channel.

May I have an interview with you to further elaborate my relevant skills and qualifications? I shall call you in the coming week to obtain a suitable date and time for a meeting. Meanwhile, in case you have any queries, just give me a buzz at (008) 666-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



George Felix

Encl. Resume

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