Cameraman Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 4, 2019

Candidates often find cover letter writing a difficult task, however, in reality, it is quite simple.

All you need to do is to sell your valuable skills.


How to Write a Cameraman Cover Letter?

Here are some tips that will come in handy as you prepare to write your cameraman cover letter:

  1. Address the employer’s needs; communicate the value you’ll bring.
  2. Be enthusiastic; no employer consider a candidate who sounds disinterested and flat.
  3. Be unique to sand out; but not too unique.
  4. Highlight your core competencies objectively.
  5. Make sure the skills you mention are in tune with the job requirements

Here is a cameraman cover letter to serve as a sample.



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Cameraman Cover Letter Example


George Felix

2201 Enclave Apt, Washington, DC 45992
(000) 745-8569
[email protected]

June 4, 2019

Ms. Tracy Blake
HR Manager
655 Fluff Sq
Washington, DC 45992

“When you are a videographer you work all the time because your eye is the first camera” 
– Patrick Demarchelier

Dear Ms. Blake

It is with continued interest and enthusiasm that I respond to your job posting for a Cameraman. Possessing hands-on experience in handling the camera, tools, and technical video shooting equipment, I believe my skills will be very handy at DTV headquarters.

Following are some of the strengths I offer:

  • Expert in shooting and recording live and rehearsed transmissions.
  • Demonstrated ability to edit and transfer videos for submission timely.
  • Functional knowledge of lighting requirements and hue balancing for indoor and outdoor shootings.
  • Proficient in Adobe premiere editing system.
  • Skilled in assembling and setting up equipment before shooting.
  • Strong working knowledge of HD video camera operations and functional maintenance.
  • In-depth knowledge of production and direction protocols.

Being a cameraman, I believe in the saying ‘seeing is believing’ which is why I have included a few links in my resume to some of my works. I can’t wait to join DTV and start contributing high-quality camera shooting skills to the channel.

May I have an interview with you to elaborate on my relevant skills and qualifications further? I shall call you in the coming week to obtain a suitable date and time for a meeting. Meanwhile, in case you have any queries, just give me a buzz at (000) 745-8569.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




George Felix

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