There are many types of mechanics including plant mechanics, auto mechanics and heavy equipment mechanics but they all perform the same type of functions such as repairing, diagnosing, replacing and maintaining engines or machines.

Following is a generalized resume template for a mechanic that you can customize to your own specifications.

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Mechanic Resume Sample Template




9033 Derryfield Road ♦ Derry, NH 77141 ♦ (933) 999-9099 ♦ Email


Looking for a position as a Mechanic with ABC Company using strong diagnostic and service skills in order to assist the company’s operations and long-term goals.

• Seven years of dedicated service as a Mechanic
• Hands on experience in performing inspection, cleaning and testing services
• Well versed in diagnosing issues and repairing and replacing engine components
• Proven record of maintaining equipment and tools in sync with preservation protocols

• Natural Gas Engines • Generators • Safety Regulations
• Compressors • Power Driven Equipment • General Repairs

• Diagnosed and fixed a particularly complex engine which was an amalgamation of types within three days by employing knowledge of advanced locomotive applications
• Promoted from general worker to mechanic within three months of dedicated and proven hard work in as assistantship role


Technix – Derryfield, NH
Mechanic | January 2006 – Present
• Perform setups and respond to mechanical problems
• Diagnose and troubleshoot problems with engines and equipment
• Complete preventative maintenance
• Handle all phases of repair procedures
• Respond to road service calls when instructed
• Identify and evaluate root causes
• Provide information to customer regarding procedures and parts

Derry College of Technology – Derry, NH
Associate Degree in Mechanical Studies – 2005

• Knowledge of operating and maintaining diagnostic equipment and tools
• Exceptional know-how of Caterpillar machine components
• Ability to carry up o 50lbs for an extended period
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Physically dexterous
• Strong troubleshooting skills