Aircraft Hydraulic Mechanic Resume Sample

Updated on: September 14, 2019

Writing resumes for a technical position such as that of an aircraft hydraulic mechanic will require you to do a lot of research.

Even if you have had vast experience in this field, putting it in a resume may not be such an easy thing.


Focusing on your skills, competencies, education, and experience is important.

A dash of accomplishments information is as important to include.

Writing a resume for an aircraft hydraulic mechanic position will require you to provide information about your knowledge of, and experience in maintaining hydraulic systems on aircraft, amongst other things.

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Aircraft Hydraulic Mechanic Resume Example



Steve Robb
42 Air Road, Arlington, VA 45006
(000) 785-9565


Seasoned aircraft hydraulic mechanic, with 9+ years of experience in maintaining and troubleshooting aircraft systems. Demonstrated expertise in advising on problems in maintaining hydraulic systems. Expert in determining maintenance procedures, and performance characteristics by using technical publications.


• Defect Diagnosis
• Troubleshooting
• Preventative Maintenance
• Unit Inspection Aircraft
• Systems Repair
• Technical Guidelines
• Safety Precautions
• Worker Education
• Component Repair
• Tools Used
• Equipment Management
• Technical Manual Interpretation

• Successfully implemented a troubleshooting system; as a result, decreased downtime by 50%.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, hence, reduced breakdown incidents by 70%.
• Provided training to 50+ mechanics and apprentices in handling aircraft hydraulic work, as part of their induction program.
• Implemented a series of safety programs; thereby, decreased accidents by 50%.


Aircraft Hydraulic Mechanic | 2014-present
AECOM, Arlington, VA

• Check aircraft hydraulic systems on a regular basis to ensure that they remain in good working order
• Provide advice on problems related to systems and components
• Determine which maintenance procedures need to be carried out on different components
• Diagnose malfunctions, and perform corrective action, aiming at reducing downtime
• Remove system components, repair them, and reinstall them
• Overhaul and adjust components and systems in accordance with set protocols
• Inspect aircraft hydraulic systems post maintenance in order to ensure that they work well
• Provide supervisors with information on problems that may cause severe issues
• Create and maintain reports of all repair and maintenance work performed

Apprentice | 2011-2014
PKL Services, Arlington, VA

• Assisted in inspecting and maintaining aircraft hydraulic systems
• Followed instructions to troubleshoot airframes and landing gear systems
• Read and understood schematic designs, and interpreted technical data
• Used power tools and equipment in order to repair and maintain hydraulic systems

Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences
Virginia State University, Arlington, VA – 2009

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