Telecom Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 6, 2017

There are just 2 job application documents that you have to prepare. It makes sense to spend good time and effort in creating them. Since the cover letter is less comprehensive, let’s talk about how it can be created to bring maximum benefit to the candidate it is being written by.

Cover letter writing must never be taken lightly. While it is not as detailed as a resume is, it is as functional as any resume. Projecting a positive image in a cover letter is of great importance. And this image is not just about your job-related skills and qualifications. A cover letter also serves to provide a hiring manager with information on what your personality is, and if you will be able to get along with your co-workers and supervisors.

Here is a telecom sales manager cover letter sample for your benefit:


Sample Cover Letter for Telecom Sales Manager


Danial Craig
29 Wellington Street
Kent, WA 41522
(000) 524-9524
Daniel @ email . com

March 6, 2017

Mr. William Mason
Human Resource Manager
Trent Darby Telecom Services Inc.
29 65th Avenue
Kent, WA 69632


Dear Mr. Mason:

Managing a team of sales representatives is an easy job – but only if you take it lightly. I do not. For me, managing a team of sales personnel is a challenging job that I strive to ace at every junction. This ability, coupled with my comprehension of the telecom industry is a perfect recipe for success. I am sure that hiring me as a sales manager at Trent Darby Telecom Services Inc. will be a decision that you will not regret.

Training teams of sales staff to carry out specific sales and marketing tasks has been my niche since the first day I stepped on the managerial podium. Since then, I have countless successes to my name, including the instance where I managed to increase the company’s revenue by 55%, by bringing on-board 16 corporate accounts. There is more. I have recently been involved in a corporate sales deal which brought in business worth $55,000 in 2 months! In addition to this, the list of my achievements as a sales manager in a telecommunications capacity includes successfully training 14 teams of telecommunication sales staff, and introducing key sales strategies that are designed to increase a company’s share in the market.

At this point in time, I anticipate a meeting with you where I can clearly articulate my managerial prowess. I will call you soon to determine which date and time suit you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Danial Craig

(000) 541-7474