20 Practice Manager Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 28, 2020

A skilled practice manager will be hired immediately by an employer. But in order to show your skills to a hiring manager, you have to fill out the skills section in your resume perfectly.

In this section, you should emphasize on your organizational and communication skills primarily.

Writing perfect statements to project your practice manager skills is imperative.

A hiring manager would want to know the key reason that you feel that you are fit for the job.

So, you should highlight the fact that you can effectively train and mentor practice staff members, and ensure that the administrative ends of the work are properly handled.

Since your practice manager resume will have a dedicated skills section, it is up to you to make it a strong one, by providing information about your ability to oversee the daily work of the practice.

Some skills statements that you can go through to get an idea are provided below:

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20 Sample Skills for Practice Manager Resume

1. Track record of developing strategies to meet the specific needs of a busy medical practice

2. Skilled in designing and implementing workplace procedures and protocols

3. Committed to providing excellent patient services, ensuring repeat business opportunities

4. Adept at liaising with doctors and medical staff members to ensure that proper support is being delivered to them

5. Excellent skills in managing department budgets

6. Effectively able to oversee daily practice operations, such as appointment scheduling and follow-up

7. Knowledge of leading teams of medical secretaries, receptionists, and records management staff members

8. Particularly effective in hiring, training, mentoring, and supervising administrative staff

9. Proficient in collaborating with medical personnel in order to develop and assess business strategies

10. Documented success in reducing costs, by implementing cost control strategies

11. Special talent for implementing staff development initiatives on a regular basis

12. Unmatched ability to supervise and oversee staff performance, and provide feedback

13. First-hand experience in ensuring that all legal obligations of the medical practice are met

14. Hands-on ability to manage office finances, and maintaining office budgets

15. In-depth knowledge of establishing daily processes that ensure high-quality services

16. Competent in preparing, monitoring, and recommending practice goals and objectives

17. Proven record of effectively participating in the planning and development of practice policies and procedures

18. Skilled in monitoring payroll systems in order to control time management

19. Deeply familiar with serving as the first point of contact for patients

20. Focused on resolving patients’ issues, and making them comfortable with the practice’s services

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