Court Runner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 19, 2018


Cover letters for court runner position need to be written with a lot of heart. The reason is simple – they “cover” the resume and are read before a resume is.

You are judged on the first document that an employer reads – which is the cover letter. So make sure that you come across as someone that the employer is dying to hire.

What could possibly make you so good?

Your competencies and achievements are what make you a great candidate for a position – make sure that you use them wisely. By using them, we mean that you should be able to eloquently write them on a cover letter so that they provide maximum information to the reader. Strong openings and closing make a lot of difference. Of course what you write between an opening and a closing also matters, but the most concentration is on the opening just because it is the beginning and can lure your reader to continue reading.

To find out what a strong opening is, take a peek at the following cover letter sample for a court runner position:


Court Runner Cover Letter Example


35 F. 8th Street
Middletown, DE 30210

April 19, 2018

Ian Reynolds
Manager Human Resources
Attorneys’ Place
Jane Way
Middletown, DE 33390


Dear Mr. Reynolds:

Working my way through law college is full of challenges, and I love every moment of dealing with them – and coming out shining. I am presently in search of a position for as a court runner with a practice that is clear, professional and a market leader. And this translates into Attorneys’ Place. I am interested in working for you and can assure you that you will not be disappointed with my skills.

As part of my degree, I have worked as a legal intern at One Legal LLC for three months during the summer of 2014. This was an insightful experience and provided me with great discernment regarding the workings of a legal office, particularly the research and documents transportation part. This experience will be of great use to you if I am hired as a court runner, as I believe that you will save precious time in training me.

While I await my exam results, I would like to be inducted immediately, and possibly make my way up to a legal assistant eventually. I am motivated and would like to give you the benefit of this motivation. I will be in touch with you regarding a meeting soon and can be reached at (000) 514-1111.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Mack Deamon

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