Inventory Specialist Resume Objectives

Updated on: August 30, 2015

Resume objectives need to be written using strong language. By strong, we mean using words which define you completely and accurately. The main reason for writing a resume objective is to tell the employer how good you are for a particular job. So it only makes sense to write content which is compelling and does not just ramble on.

However, objectives are where we get stuck when writing a resume. Several questions may loom in your head, including:

• How do I boast about myself?
• How much bragging is alright?
• Should my objective be long or short?
• Can I exaggerate a little?

While exaggeration is not recommended, boasting a little about what you can do in a professional capacity is actually important. Why? Because resume objectives are technically self-marketing tools that tell the employer if you have what they want. Through a resume objective, employers decide if the rest of the resume is read-worthy or not.

A resume objective should not be very long because that will kill the purpose of writing one. Long resume objectives make employers think that you are an overkill. And that is not how you want to appear to be. You want to appear as professional as possible so make sure that your objective uses adjectives that define you as an employee and as an individual.

Here are some example of resume objectives for an inventory specialist position to give you an idea:

Sample Objectives for an Inventory Specialist Resume

• Looking for an Inventory Specialist position at Best Buy by employing strong knowledge of inventory control procedures and budget management.

• Seeking a position as an Inventory Specialist with GENCO using demonstrated expertise in processing inventory billing and ensuring that quantities and costs are accurately maintained.

• Desire an Inventory Specialist position with MMY Consulting. Offering adeptness at conducting cycle counts, resolving overstocking and shortages and handling procurement activities according to levels of supplies available.

• To work as an Inventory Specialist for US Foods. Applying well-honed skills in maintaining company in-stock positions at acceptable levels, through ensuring appropriate cycle counts and proper levels of inventory.

• To obtain a position as an Inventory Specialist with Orchard Supply. Anxious to apply knowledge of maintaining integrity of on-hand counts and handling discrepancies by investigating and resolving negative on-hand counts.

• Looking for a position as an Inventory Specialist at Bechtel by applying proficiency in developing and implementing project inventory controls, including material management, facility needs, personnel requirements and inventory stock levels.