6 Finish Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 5, 2022

When you are at the other end of the interview table, that is, when you are the one who is being interviewed, it is important for you to possess great insight into how high a pedestal you will be placed on.

How will you convince an interviewer that you can make a positive contribution to the company?

Both your job knowledge and ability to work collaboratively will count here. 

Here is a set for you to go through:

Finish Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers

1. Apart from finishing work, what else do you know about carpentry?

Performing finishing work is not the only task that finish carpenters are entrusted with. In addition to performing finishing work, I am well-versed in creating furniture, structures, and frames from scratch, by keeping within the provided guidelines.

2. As far as finishing work goes, what have you been responsible for in your present role?

As a finish carpenter, I am responsible for designing and making cabinets, hanging interior doors, making and hanging house trimmings, handling customized wood flooring work, and performing staining and varnishing services.

3. What do you find the most interesting in this work?

I believe that the challenge of interior projects is what gets me going. Every client needs something different when it comes to cabinets and bookcases, and giving them exactly as the picture they have shown, is what makes this challenging work interesting.

4. What tools have you primarily worked with?

Table saws, chop saws, jointers, planers, finish nail guns, and wood chisels are my main tools.

5. If you had a choice, what would you be doing apart from carpentry work? Why?

While I love my job immensely, if I had a choice, I would take up construction work because it appeals to me greatly. Since I work alongside construction workers a lot, I have learned a lot about the trade.

6. What is your first choice in using paneling for doors and walls? Explain why you chose this.

I love maple finishing. This is why I usually suggest that doors and walls are paneled using maple wood. It looks sleek, doesn’t stain easily, and is easy to look after.

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