Hotel housemen provide janitorial and maintenance support to hotels and other such facilities by ensuring that the premises are clean and tidy at all times. They prepare rooms for guests and ensure that auditoriums and meeting rooms are well equipped and neat.

These professionals are also responsible for cleaning lobbies and bathrooms along with stocking guest rooms with necessary items like soaps, tissues and towels. There are some considerations that need to be kept in mind when applying for this position. Housemen usually need to work over the holidays therefore they require a flexible schedule. Usually, these personnel need to possess at least a high school diploma. Some employers prefer that the prospective houseman possess some prior cleaning experience.

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Let us have a look at some job duties that a hotel houseman needs perform:

Duties of a Hotel Houseman

1. Maintain and clean rooms, bathrooms and work areas

2. Clean furnishings and carpets

3. Clean and maintain common areas within the hotel

4. Shovel snow from walkways

5. Assist with bellman duties when required

6. Reply guests’ questions and handle any concerns

7. Assist front desk staff as an when required

8. Replenish supplies in guest rooms

9. Change bed linens and empty trash as required

10. Assist housekeeping staff with laundry removal

A hotel houseman is usually trained on the job but employers prefer that the candidate they hire possesses some inborn qualities such as a pleasing personality, excellence in communication and above all exceptional customer orientation. Hotel housemen may from time to time be required to go through rigorous training regimens in order to ensure the provision of excellent customer services.