Hospitals are usually short-handed when it comes to dedicated staff. The number of emergencies and admitted patients dictate the need for staff so it is the responsibility of every hospital to ensure that they have enough people to cater to the needs of patients. Hospital volunteers are hired to supplement this need.

Generally, hospital volunteers are unpaid workers who perform many patient assistance duties, therefore, assisting senior medical staff to focus on other more demanding jobs. Commonly known as candy strippers, hospital volunteers are young adults who want to gain experience working in a hospital or do community service. Hospitals generally decide at what minimum age a volunteer can begin providing voluntary services. There are many duties that a hospital volunteer may perform including direct patient assistance and clerical or administrative work.

More often than not, hospital volunteers are expected to provide emotional support to patients and families. For more information on what a hospital volunteer’s work involves, have a look at the list of job duties below:


Job Description for Hospital Volunteer Resume

• Provide limited direct patient care
• Assist patients with mobility, grooming, toileting and dressing
• Answer patient call buttons
• Act as a point of contact for families
• Assist residents in transferring from bed to wheel chair and vice versa
• Transport patients from to and from procedure rooms
• Assist nurses in moving patients and providing supplies
• Escort patients, families and visitors to their required destinations
• Provide reception support and give general information to visitors and families
• Assist patients in eating
• Manage patient records and assist patients and families in filling out admission forms
• Make frequent rounds in assigned departments to assess patients’ needs
• Ready patient beds and equipment for procedures such as endoscopy or ultrasounds
• Collect case information from patients to improve patient care procedure
• Read to patients when requested
• Aid patient discharge by managing appropriate paperwork
• Answer phones and relay messages
• Supervise junior hospital volunteers
• Assist in setting up medical imaging equipment and facilitating procedures
• Assist patients by providing them with rehabilitation services such as physical therapy
• Raise funds for hospitals through fundraisers and other events