Psychiatrist Resume Example

Updated September 15, 2018

When you are writing a resume for a position that involves health care, especially mental health, you need to be very careful about portraying your experience, qualifications, and expertise. Your experience is what matters the most because you will need to deal with someone’s most inner emotions and problems which is why it is essential that you highlight your best qualities.

Psychiatrist Job Description

A psychiatrist is responsible for the mental welfare of the patients who consult him. They perform therapeutic testing, interview patients and then prescribe medication to them. They are also responsible for talking patients through their crises and to engender a general feeling of well being in the patients.

Psychiatrists do not only cater to adults; some psychiatrists also assist children who may have had a traumatic experience to live through the bad times and come to terms with their situations.

They also cater to offenders who may have had substance abuse problems to help them lead a normal or at the very least, a near normal life.


Psychiatrist Resume Sample


Grace Fullerton
207 Norwood Street, Charlevoix, MI 89000
(000) 999-9999

Exceedingly experienced in providing psychiatrist assessment and treatment for patients with mental health disorders. Proficient in handling and managing substance abuse offenders. Hands on experience in developing and implementing core treatment plans and assisting patients in applying treatment procedures effectively.

• Active Miami Professional license
• American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Certified
• Experience in both adult and adolescent patients
• Experience working in an acute care setting

• Performed a number of workshops on various topics about handling child abuse patients
• Redesigned the cross-examining procedure at the local court by infusing psychiatric evaluation and thereby ensuring expediting of verdicts


Mental Aesthetics, Charlevoix, MI | March 2006 – Present
• Analyze patients and evaluate present conditions
• Provide comprehensive consultations as appropriate
• Diagnose nature of the disorder and provide medication as appropriate
• Prescribe medication according to the nature of the mental disease
• Formulate rehabilitation plans and implement in a manner that suits individual needs
• Work with patient data, history, and records to determine the plan of action
• Confer with psychologists and physicians to discuss treatment plans and avenues

Mental Aesthetics, Charlevoix, MI | February 2003 – January 2006
• Provided assistant to a unit of psychiatrists in terms of office work and patient assistance
• Greeted patients as they arrived and took information for record purposes
• Assisted in filling forms and providing information on psychiatrists’ procedures
• Managed paperwork and records
• Assisted with counseling procedures when instructed

Master’s of Science in Psychiatry
Michigan State University, Charlevoix, MI

• Licensed Physician in the State of Michigan
• Psychiatric Training Program – Approved by ACA

• Efficient communication skills
• Exceptional ability to perform under stress
• Strong knowledge of medical terminology
• Understanding of providing shock therapy