11 Physician Assistant Interview Questions with Answers

Updated on: October 20, 2021

A physician assistant’s interview process is based on the following:

Passion for the work 
Why do you want to work as a physician assistant is probably the first question that you will be asked?

Motivation and purpose
To determine what makes you tick, you will be asked why you want to work for this particular healthcare organization.

Skills and experience
At the interview, you will be asked what skills and relevant qualifications that make you a good candidate for the job.

Diligence and professionalism
Providing information about key situations that will demonstrate how well you did in a past position is what the interviewer is aiming at when asking questions related to these.

Problem-solving ability
You will definitely be asked to describe specific situations where you were required to resolve difficult issues and you came out shining.

Accomplishments, career aspirations, and professional interests are targeted areas for Physician Assistant interviews.

How to Prepare for a Physician Assistant Interview?

Preparation and practice are what will increase your chances of being the “chosen one.”

Dress for success, shake hands, maintain eye contact, listen actively, the tone of voice and facial expressions – all matter immensely.

Use the STAR (situation, task, action, and result) technique to frame your answers wholly and concisely.

Here are is a set of sample interview questions and answers for a physician assistant position to see what job-related questions can be asked.:

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Physician Assistant Interview Questions with Answers

1. Tell me about your educational qualifications and certifications?

I possess a bachelor’s degree in medical assistance earned from the International Institute of medicine which is accredited by the AAPA and also hold current NCCPA certification.

2. How is a physician assistant’s job different from a physician?

The difference between the two is stark. A physician is a trained medical individual who is qualified to diagnose diseases and recommend medication.

A physician assistant works on an entirely different tangent, assisting physicians with their work and providing logistical help. They interview patients to determine their medical histories and prepare them for physical examinations.

3. What routine procedures do physician assistants perform individually?

Apart from preparing patients for examinations and taking and recording their vitals such as blood pressure and temperature, they administer injections and provide treatments such as disinfecting wounds and stitching.

4. Why is it essential for physician assistants to be caring and compassionate?

Patients come to hospitals and medical facilities in great distress, and it doesn’t help to be greeted by an unpleasant individual.

Compassion and patience are virtues in this job as they make patients comfortable enough to be able to provide the right information regarding medical histories and eventually, feel comfortable with the physician who will see them.

5. What is a physician assistant’s role in patient education?

Quite extensive. It is the physician assistant’s job to make sure that patients and their families are aware of preventative medical care and how to look after their wounds or diseases at home.

6. What is the meaning of dependent practitioner?

A practitioner who works under the supervision of someone is a dependent practitioner. Like a physician assistant works under the direction of a medical specialist thus being a dependent practitioner.

7. How is a physician assistant’s job different from that of a nursing practitioner?

Nursing practitioners are required to conduct tests and x-rays, monitor patients’ condition and progress, and usually have an area of specialty.

A physician’s assistant, in comparison, can order any diagnostic test or x-ray needed and also develop a treatment plan and implement it. They are authorized to diagnose and treat patients.

8. What qualities do you possess that support you in the role of a physician assistant?

I am a detail-oriented and responsible individual fully capable of making quick decisions, writing up prescriptions, and counseling patients regarding preventive healthcare for various diseases.

9. Have you ever worked in an ER? Describe the experience?

I worked in the Emergency Room of North West Hospital for six months. My position there was quite challenging, and I performed it exceptionally well, my previous employer would testify that.

My work rotated through all areas of the ER department including gyne, fast track, and asthma. The experience rendered me fully familiar with the color team codes working directly under the attending’s supervision.

10. What do you know about the physician assistant practice act?

It is an act valid in the state of Illinois that defines the role of a physician assistant along with core duties and responsibilities. The law also states some practicing guidelines issued in the best interest of patients and the general public who interact with PAs.

11. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Right here with this hospital, working in some management role with more responsibilities.

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