Patient Relations Representative Cover Letter

Updated on December 1, 2014

Welcome to the new age of self promotion. Cover letter is your opportunity to capitalize on your skills and win career rewards that matter to you.

If your cover letter for patient relations representative resume is not getting you a job interview, it is perhaps time to switch to a creative and high impact cover letter that is gusty yet polite and convincing. In any patient relations representative position, communication is the key element. Your resume probably mentions communication skills in the qualifications section also. Your cover letter is an opportunity of providing evidence of the same. It is very important to communicate clearly and introduce your candidacy effectively in your cover letter since the employer will be unconsciously judging your interpersonal skills through this letter as well.

Following is a patient relations representative cover letter sample for your guidance.


Patient Relations Representative Cover Letter Sample


Jane Lindsey

455 Rookie Apt | Phoenix, AZ 85004 | (008) 666-7777 | jane @ email . com

December 1, 2014

Mr. Jeremy Graham
HR Manager
North West Hospital
699 Tiffany Sq
Phoenix, AZ 85004


Dear Mr. Graham:

Throughout my 8+ years of work experience as a Patient Relations Representative, I have been recognized as a professional with great patient care, patient coordination and doctor patient liaising skills. Seeing your advertisement in yesterday’s newspaper, I felt your search for the ideal candidate has hit home with my expertise.

A few of my strengths include:

✔ Adept at communicating with patients and building long-term relationship with them
✔ Track record of carrying out effective patient follows-up calls
✔ Demonstrated ability to forward accurate medical bills at the time of discharge
✔ Skilled in data entry tasks
✔ Adept at handling front desk and answering telephonic queries
✔ Substantial knowledge of various health insurance coverage and claim protocols

Furthermore, I have hands-on experience in collaborating with patients, doctors, staff and management to optimize practice policies and procedures. I am confident that my skills – when utilized at the North West hospital – will prove to be very beneficial in enhancing patient doctor coordination, taking the patient care satisfaction to the next level.

I would like to see you in person to discuss the position in detail and to further highlight my relevant skills. I will call you on Friday to answer any queries you may have. In case you wish to speak earlier, please contact me at (008) 666-7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jane Lindsey

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