Civil Engineer Skills for Resume

Updated: July 25, 2018

A skilled individual is a successful individual. This is especially true when you are trying to obtain a position within an organization.

Your skills will lead you to bag a job opportunity, so make sure that you provide hiring managers with this information in your resume.

The resume is a pretty long document, and mention of skills in it will make it profound as well. You have to make sure that you write the skills section in the resume in a proper manner, outlining all the information about your skills and abilities, so that hiring managers can gauge what you bring to the table.

Why is the skills section considered as such as big deal?

There is only one reason for this – skills are what makes an applicant wholesome in the eyes of a hiring manager.

This means that the hiring manager will look kindly at an applicant who requires little or no training, saving the former much in terms of money, time, and resources. Making sure that you write your skills properly, outlining all that you are capable of doing is exceptionally important. How you do this is even more so. Remember that your skills need to be outlined in a way that they make sense to the person reading them. If you can do this successfully, you have a great chance of climbing the next step – the interview stage.

Some skills statements for a civil engineer position are provided below for you to get ideas from:

Sample Skills for Civil Engineer Resume

• Highly skilled in supervising personnel in the design and implementation of construction plans.
• Effectively able to provide training and oversight on activities such as specifications determination, cost estimation, and documents handling.
• Demonstrated expertise in instructing, training, and supervising personnel in all aspects of public works engineering.
• Exceptionally talented in reviewing plans and supervising the issuance of permits for all construction projects.
• Well-versed in handling reviews of grading and paving plans, for projects such as parking lots, and drives.
• Competent in supervising field engineers and inspectors during activities such as inspections and evaluations.
• Qualified to manage, design, and develop both small and large scale construction projects, keeping safety and sustainability in check.
• Proven ability to conduct on-site investigations, and analyze information such as maps, reports, and drawings.
• Solid track record of effectively carrying out feasibility studies, and drawing up required blueprints.
• Documented success in providing required advice, and resolve emerging problems and/or deficiencies within a construction project.