Residential Counselor Job Description and Duties

Updated on: April 13, 2022
Position Overview

Residential counselors work at youth homes, older adults’ facilities, and other live-in social and therapeutic environments.

Their primary duty is to manage the work of a residential facility by keeping both safety and smooth work operations in mind.

Since residential counselors are required to be available at any given time, they usually reside in the facility that they are managing.

A significant part of a residential counselor’s job is to coordinate several activities for residents within a facility.

They develop and assist program plans for individuals and groups and make sure that they are carried out correctly. Additionally, they are responsible for the safety and well-being of the people in the facility that they are managing.

As of late, residential counselors are also being hired in boarding schools, college sororities, and children’s homes.

They ensure that proper policies and procedures are set and that every member of the residential facility is aware of them and follows them properly.

There are many aspects of a residential facility that a residential counselor needs to take into account, including customer and personal service, psychology, therapy and counseling, and administration and management.

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Residential Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

• Supervise participants to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

• Develop programs and implement them according to set guidelines.

• Lead recreational and social activities periodically.

• Promote a sense of community to participants by modeling appropriate behavior.

• Conduct regular rounds (inside and outside) of the facility to make sure that everything is in order.

• Order supplies and equipment.

• Interview, hire and train housekeeping staff according to the facility’s policies.

• Plan menus for residents according to their healthcare schedules.

• Manage problems between residents to warrant an environment of peace and tranquility.

• Ensure that they are not exhibiting any harmful behavior and intervene during adverse situations.

• Provide mediation services through active listening and guidance.

• Maintain knowledge of facility policies and procedures and reiterate them to residents constantly.

• Handle check-in and check-out activities and gather and disseminate pertinent facility information.

• Perform resident assessments and document evaluations.

• Act as a liaison between community resources and residents.

• Respond to emergencies by quickly and efficiently contacting emergency services or administering First Aid and CPR.

• Provide front desk and other reception duties by keeping customer services in mind.

• Participate in meetings associated with staff and shift changes.

• Maintain liaison with the security staff to make sure that the facility is secure, and that outside access is limited during the nighttime.