House Cleaning Skills for Resume


One of the key elements of a winning house cleaner resume is the skills section. But identifying our employability skills is often riddled with uncertainties. However, it is important to improve your chances of impressing a hiring manager by clearly spelling out your skills, if you want him to remember you as a viable candidate. While you do not really need to place your skills grouped under a section, the following groups will help you identify them:

Communication Skills
• Listening and speaking clearly
• Writing appropriately for different types of audiences
• Negotiating effectively and indulging in persuasive efforts when needed
• Understanding customers’ needs and establishing meaningful relationships with them
• Proposing ideas and sharing information appropriately

Planning and Organizing Skills
• Establishing clear and achievable goals and deliverables
• Defining project specifications and quality standards clearly
• Handling risk planning and contingency planning properly
• Managing tasks and people effectively
• Collecting and organizing information after effectively analyzing it

Teamwork Skills
• Working effectively with people of different ages, genders and backgrounds
• Identifying strengths of team members
• Clarifying team goals and demonstrating leadership
• Motivating, coaching and mentoring coworkers
• Resolving differences in opinion in an objective manner

Learning Skills
• Sharing knowledge and learning with people at the workplace
• Using a range of mediums to learn including mentoring, peer support and networking
• Being open to new ideas and techniques and willing to learn both off and on the job

If you decide to pick a skill from any of the ones stated above, make sure that it relates to your job description. For a house cleaner, the following skills mentioned in a resume will suffice:

Sample Skills for House Cleaner Resume

• Skilled in cleaning residential buildings and units by safely using a variety of cleaning agents and chemicals
• Proficient in sweeping, scrubbing and mopping floors with special attention paid to ensuring that no marks or dents are administered
• Adept at cleaning carpets, rugs and drapes using sophisticated vacuum cleaners and associated cleaning equipment
• First-hand experience in operating mechanized cleaning equipment including vacuum cleaners, blowers and floor polishing equipment
• Demonstrated expertise in performing maintenance on household equipment such as cooking ranges, washing machines and dishwashers
• Able to clean and sanitize bathrooms by using an amalgamation of cleaning agents and chemicals
• Deep insight into clearing debris and shovel snow from porches and walkways
• Proven record of efficiently making and turning beds, focusing on the overall neatness and cleanliness of the room
• Excellent skills in handling washing and iron duties and running errands such as paying bills and performing grocery shopping activities

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